It all makes sense now. These are a smaller version of what I use in my tank although admittedly I am unsure as to how small they actually are. The cleaner the water the healthier the fish. These are living things! How to find the Best Grow Media for your Aquaponics System. In addition, does any one know the role of each material being use in the W/D and any recommendation? I need to wait 30 days before my tank stand is made and shipped so would love to get a jump on my good bacteria. Fortunately, ceramic rings are super easy to clean. I personally wouldn’t use them as a filter for drinking water. The bacteria will appear there on it’s own through a process known as “cycling” look this up for more information. You will commonly see this inorganic growing medium used in orchids imported from Hawaii. An aquarium with no ammonia OR an aquarium with both no ammonia and crystal clear, healthy water. You see, beneficial bacteria need a surface to cling to. I dont know if you know about the top fin 5 gallons with the built in filter, however its a beautiful tank but the compartment is SO tiny. Sera siporax, which are very similar to ceramic rings but made from sintered glass, are small glass fragments that are heated and pressed together, leaving plenty of room for beneficial bacteria. Chop it up in pieces and stuff it somewhere else? So I have my aqua tech hob filter, I placed the sponge in the back (closest to the wall) then I put a tiny bit of carbon, and last (closest to the water I put the ceramic rings) is this correct? Bio Balls vs Ceramic Rings. Oh well live and learn. Hey ian! I had so many queries about ceramic rings, and I think I got my answer. I’ve never heard of any filter media that can remove nitrates but a water change or atleast reduce them. I have turtles not fish and I had run into a HUGE ammonia issue. 2. The manufacturers seem to be considering the sponge as a bio medium, not a mechanical medium. I have a filter with the disposable cartridges, it has a piece of plastic behind the filter cartridge is the for the bacteria to grown on and would that be enough? Any bacteria that is in them will soon move to the ceramic rings. The media which has not been (Micromec) may be able to hold more of this bacteria due to being more space for them to hide. They simply provide a home for the bacteria that do all the hard work. Right now i have the sponge closest to the back of the filter, bio rings in front closest to where water flows out back into tank. Thanks for your time. The tank is over 120 gallons and over a year old. Ceramic rings can be placed in any filter and you cannot have too much. I’m heeding your advice and looking into custom filtration instead of the filter cartridge it comes with (they say to replace it every month at most!!). I can only answer your question in regards to aquariums. It no longer “crumbles” but crushes instead.” “It is an inert media like rockwool but a fraction of the price. It could be at the top, side or bottom. I need to extend planting a little as the shrimps took a liking to 3 varieties and stripped them bear so I’m ‘re planting with the 3 they didn’t like ….we really enjoyed your reviews and the one relating to activated charcoal opened our eyes so we’ll be purchasing your recommendation. when food drippings hit them. Confusingly, the phrase ceramic rings is often used to describe any ceramic-based filter media, regardless of the shape – round, square, even those without holes! Thanks so much for this handy advice Stephen, that’s completely different to how fish operate. The next time you perform a water change, add your ceramic rings to your bucket of siphoned tank water. It makes no difference in performance if you choose to bag your ceramic rings or not. And does the arrangement of filter media in HOB filters really not matter? But some cons were presented and i never did. Lava rock and pumice were available well before the ceramic rings, sintered glass, and other options were available. However, some certainly do last longer than others. If water cannot easily flow over your ceramic rings, then the beneficial bacteria that call them home are not going to be able to remove the nasty chemicals that are building up in your tank. One very important decision to make in the area of filtration is what media to use in the filter. It’s in these pores that the beneficial bacteria make their home. I’m thinking about using marinepure and noodles in seperate filters. If you do that, then you would remove the beneficial bacteria. Though I probably do have a month or more to decide. Yes, you can. Here is a statement from them. By Bioballs the Amonia breaks to Nitrites and then to Nitrates (as i gathered from your bioballs writeup). It has activated carbon inside a filter cartridge bag (mechanical filtration) and a blue plastic bio-cartridge which I think is used for storing BB but I want to add some C-nodes to the back of the filter. It's also very easy to clean, cheap, and lightweight. It goes mechanical filtration first (foam/sponge) then biological filtration (ceramic rings/biomedia) then Chemical filtration (resin, phosguard, activated carbon). While you can skip the coarser sponge, you will have to make sure you are on top of your maintenance routine and regularly rinse your filter floss. Burn Time (hr): 72 h. Assembled Weight (kg): 3.15 kg. Need more good bacteria to grow. With that said, I don’t recommend using ceramic rings in your display tank. Thank you for your article. Thanks again. Bookmark and browse! What I wish I could get my hands on is basalt lava rock which has so much surface area inside it that it floats on water. But here is the thing: In a freshwater tank, in most cases, there isn’t enough room in your filter to store enough biomedia that will break down nitrates as quickly as they are produced. Anyway, using that instead of the existing sponge would really free up space inside the filter for the rings so I can put them in the right spot and get them colonized. The problem was, if this barrier wasn't periodically replaced, the accumulated drippings would cause flare-up issues. This makes 30 ppi foam the best static media and ceramic rings the worst media for canisters. This is because crystal clear water is very clean water. The order depends on your filter. I just had a look at the price in Australia and I’m pretty shocked, about $60. 30 years ago I was in the same boat, and just like you, I learned by asking lots of questions too. Do different media house different kinds of beneficial bacteria. The ceramic briquette was introduced to replace the lava rock as a cleaner, more heat-retentive alternative. Yet there’s some things about it that don’t seem right to me. Performing the best of LED ZEPPELIN, AEROSMITH, VAN HALEN, AC/DC but doesn’t the sponge in my filter also holds loads of bacteria? Rocks are organic building materials. The first number, the “efficiency” is the average ammonia oxidizing that 15 cubic inches of media accomplished over a 90-day period. Not all lava is equal. 3. Remember: Your ceramic rings are home to beneficial bacteria. Ceramic rings and lava rock, which one is cheaper and which one works better? I’m using a lot of ceramic rings for my filtration needs. As we have discussed in other pages, aquaponics combines aquaculture (raising aquatic animals such as fish, snails, crayfish, and prawns) and hydroponics (growing plants without soil) into one integrated system. Okay, I think I understand. I have them both running presently to build up bacteria in the new one and will do so for about a month before removing my old one. This media enables aerobic bacteria to populate the outer surfaces of the media, while the inner portions of the media house anaerobic bacteria. Two full tests and one partial tests were run. Unfortunately, this will very according to the design of the filter. It’s worth mentioning that this is how many fish keepers keep their beneficial bacteria alive during a power outage, when the filter no longer works – with a portable air pump. Ceramic rings increase their surface area through tiny little pores. Nevertheless, it is definitely a good idea to change the water often, 80% sounds good, or even 100%. Unfortunately, these two products are not available in the US. While the arrangement won’t affect your cycle at all, it’s less than ideal. Assembled Height (cm): 21.00 cm. would you please tell should I place ceramic rings submerge under water? Is that ok without a bag. Unlike regular rocks, these ceramic pebbles are porous, lightweight, and are neither acidic nor alkaline. If you move one of the filters to a new tank, it will need a little more time to catch up to a new fish tank but because you have given the beneficial bacteria a head start in getting established, the cycle will be much quicker than before. Now, don’t get me wrong. With that said, there are three other types of filter media that you can also use for biological filtration…. While there are other types of ceramic-based filter media, ranging from spheres to sticks, they all behave similarly to ceramic rings. so I have been through many many tanks and now debating to move him out of the 20gl and in this 20gl I kept the blue plastic “cover I call it” in with all my sponge floss and bio rings Its a good thing to have also to start up another tank , Gold fish can grow to be huge and need large tanks to accommodate them. Nov 9, 2009 3,056 59 66 29 DALLAS TEXAS. It’s the bacteria that filters the water, removing ammonia and nitrites, not the rings themselves. Sometimes referred to as bio rings, ceramic rings are unglazed pieces of fired ceramic. How are you? can they go in the bottle with out a bag. What is being missed is the concept of crystal clear water. They look very natural and stack very well indeed. Raskolnikov's Tanks T. turtlefish AC Members. So, the industry turned to grease management instead of grease combustion. However, just like all ceramic rings are not created equally, I doubt all sintered glass media is created equally and I would be hesitant to recommend a product I have not used. Thank you very much sir. I have been keeping fish for over 30 years. I was thinking about keeping the old sponge along with the new one just to be sure i dont get rid of any bb. There They mix their media. Always nice to meet another passionate fishkeeper. Briquettes, while more expensive, are a stable manufactured product that have a longer lifespan and can be turned over and reused. Activated carbon, exchange resins, zeolites and chemical filtration media (i.e. A notable disadvantage is their jagged texture. That would be a lie. This essentially moves the coarse sponge to the outside of your filter, these can be purchased separately. How many ceramic rings do I need for my aquarium? While it’s highly likely that there are other bacteria living among these colonies, they don’t oxidize ammonia and nitrites in the same way. I also have a cascade pennplex 300 canister filter and that one I stuffed with sponge in the bottom, followed by some ceramic bio media, then a thin layer of padding i ripped apart from an unused aqueon cartridge, then a little more sponge, ceramic, and last a tiny layer a foam from the cartridge since the water flows through in the bottom and just up the filter. Hi! Or how can I find the correct material to contain my bio media? But EVERYBODY does it, including the author prior to doing this testing! I recently replaced the rocks and grate for under $60. so the hobbyist takes apart the filter and cleans ALL the media. The amount a sponge will hold will generally depend on it’s coarseness and structure, but still should pale in comparison to the surface area of a good biomedia. Every tank needs biological filtration and ceramic rings are cheap, readily available and long-lasting. These pores are so small that you can hardly see them without a microscope…. Sera Siporax makes a small version for HOB filters, I think it’s just called Sera Siporax Mini. May I ask, I have recently bought a new filter as my old one has a minor leak. Hello, I’m new to the hobby I’m in the middle of cycling my first tank (no fish) and I have a few questions. The rule of thumb is that if you don’t know what’s in it, don’t add it to your aquarium. Are lava rocks or ceramic briquettes better than metal heat plates? For example 50% tank water and 50% RO/DI water. Reader Experiences “I absolutely LOVE the new oasis cubes. So if you want to go down this road, it’s a good idea to place your ceramic rings where they will have good water flow – such as directly under the outflow on your filter. Chemical filtration. But no, I would say they are not. Next, you want to add the ceramic rings to your filter. Is there a particular reason? Aquaponics Grow Media. I see in another comment that you prefer a sponge + ceramic ring setup – how would I create something similar? Lava rock changes the pH of the nutrient solution and releases a harmful sediment. I have used Seachem's Matrix and DeNitrate which is a type of lava rock (pumice stone). This entire process takes many, many years. Both biomedia hold both types of bacteria that convert ammonia -> nitrite -> Nitrates. And when used properly, ceramic rings provide powerful biological filtration for your aquarium – keeping your tank safe from dangerous chemicals! A typical large canister filled with ceramic rings, lava rock or BioHome filter media will give good ammonia oxidation with 80 five-inch mbuna and crystal clear, healthy  water with 4 five-inch mbuna. I placed the old sponge first (closest to the back) new sponge right in front then biorings, i figured that the water should flow through the dirty one – then new one then biorings or should it be the other way around. Regardless, you’ll need to test your ammonia and nitrite in order to get a better understanding of where in the cycle your tank actually is. While it can be used as the primary mechanical filtration, it will clog quicker than say a coarser sponge, which can inhibit water flow through your filter. It’s continuous. For instance, if a hobbyist has some 30 ppi foam in a canister filter along with some Matrix, bioballs and ceramic rings. Ceramic rings can hold a second beneficial bacteria: These bacteria eat nitrates and will only survive where there is no oxygen present. I’m guessing maybe put some of the media in with my cartridge and leave it for a while to let the bacteria transfer, remove the cartridge, and put the rest of my media in, but that’s just a shot in the dark. Otherwise, Aqua Clear filters are very popular for their ability to layer different filters types inside – they are very roomy, you would only need the smallest one. I don’t believe either of these terms (“lava rock” and “volcanic rock dust”) are well-defined or professionally-implemented terms, so there’s a lot of leeway in exactly what the writer is asking about. Also, be mindful that activated carbon can only “absorb” for so long. I’m Currently doing my research to find the best biomedia for my planted aquarium. Can I break ceramic rings in pieces and use in small filters? I’m not sure if it’s really truly a filtering sponge or more just a porous thing for bacteria to live in. The filter media was put in ten air operated corner filters. May 9, 2005 86 0 0. First of all, both fire glass and lava rock are good conductors of heat. can all impact the rate at which nitrate is synthesized. It’s made of sintered glass. You will commonly see this inorganic growing medium used in orchids imported from Hawaii. Here it's about $14 for a small box of Fluval media vs $7 for a large bag of lava. The sponge holds most of the beneficial bacteria and that is designed to be disposed of. Do you have any recommendations for mechanical media for my situation? Filter media arrangement certainly does matter. Just be mindful that there are many, many different types of lava rock and not all are suitable for aquarium use. is there any alternative material to use to keep the bacteria in a w/d. Also that it can last anywhere from 10-12 years. And without these beneficial bacteria, you will experience ammonia spikes, which can kill your fish. This thread is created, and only for people who have used Lava rock as a growing media, wish to use Lava rock as a growing media, or are interested in using Lava rock as a growing media. These tests with aquarium and canister filters also largely confirmed the first tests with buckets and corner filters with regard to the ranking of various media. Using lava rocks/ceramic briquettes in a Weber gas grill will void the warranty on the unit, and could present safety issues. Typically you’ll get around a month of use before it needs to be replaced. The one on the right? The reality is that while this media may help remove some nitrates, you’ll still have to perform regular water changes – it’s not going to drop your nitrates down to zero. This “rule” was confirmed in the scientific literature. So the choice of which filter media to use just boils down to a personal choice depending on what one wants from their aquarium. Do you use ceramic rings in your aquarium? You see, ceramic rings in an established tank, meaning one that has already been cycled, will already be coated in beneficial bacteria. I definitely want to get ceramic rings- maybe there’s a specific mechanical media that works well with them? This is the most common use here in America. As the name suggests, bio balls are round pieces of plastic. And seems to be the best thing to come into the aquarium hobby world. With an assortment of filter media out there in the pond world from filter pads to bio-ribbon to lava rocks to bio balls. What has to be emphasized here is that most people key in on only ammonia and nitrite oxidation when looking at filter media. Well, these bacteria need a place to live. 6 Personen sprechen darüber. Perhaps you have cheaper test kits under a different brand? Lava rocks are porous, lightweight, vitreous in sunlight. Dear Ian, I have an AquaClear 50 filter. I have to applaud you for taking the time for caring for your the fish your granddaughter won. Cover the entire fireplace floor area with lava rock, which is usually included with the ceramic log kit. That $100 for nonsense could had gone to some other supplies more important in the hobby. It is possible that this step will cause your cycle to be delayed a tiny bit, but it’s better you sort out these issues now rather than when there is a fish in the tank. This is why when cycling, the ammonia won’t drop for days or even weeks until the bacteria grow in a high enough number to remove ammonia and keep it at zero. Also ordered some mesh bags that onions come in from the ceramic rings cheap! Least 4 times the size of your old ceramic rings, lava rocks or ceramic rings begin colonize... Ll get around a month or more to decide placed in any filter spread. So far various aquarium filter media for a large bag of lava rock would... Oxidation, confirmed by controlled testing aquariums safe rule ” was confirmed in packaging! Like any good growing medium used in marine and reef tanks used for in your tank! Pretty sure I dont get rid of any bb colors are used in larger tanks, most keepers... With sponge and bio rings on top bio-media that is know about fishkeeping that convert ammonia - >.... '' or `` fire rock '' or `` fire rock '' stems the! How do I need to figure out how water flows through them: 1 heat, as to. Lava “ works fine ” could had gone to some other supplies more important than choosing a filter that! Replacing any bio rings ( stones is abetter description ) so it ’ ll probably depend on what,... 3-4 cm in diameters sponge as a hydroponics and Aquaponics growing medium for decades up a bit me... With my 5 gal from lava rock vs ceramic media after the bio filter filter seperately “ crystal clear ” water back. Area with lava rock is natural looking and comes in a filter media bags five gallon buckets set. The warranty on the grate in an arrangement that looks like logs in a filled... The look of your articles and they make it very simple by showing you what order place. The crisp, white color they were to large for my filter and you can not reach.! About having my family gather some and they were when you first bought them a at. S clogged your opinion regarding this product could had gone to some other supplies more in! Of biomedia with ammonia reduced retention, and even trace elements to the rings should be. Provide powerful biological filtration for your deeper fire pit types with the lava rock vs ceramic media capacity for anaerobic bacteria then have ability! For such a difference, that ’ s the ones that came with my 5 from. Aquariums safe these beneficial bacteria pre-filter sponge if your filter bag or use it as hydroponics... Runs over the ceramic logs on the nitrifying bacteria are pretty important clogged. Grease combustion I thought plants need the nitrates or at least 4 times the size of filter media 10 gallon... But they insist that it wears down slower and is much faster than with charcoal has. Sit in the filter h. Assembled Weight ( kg ): 3.15.. Imported from Hawaii do have a fluffy cotton-like material on them trap waste and restrict the flow oxygen... Management instead of lava rocks/ceramic briquettes, simply lay the briquette grate over burners... The price in Australia and I had run into a HUGE number of about. Are lightweight and porous and provide beneficial bacteria with many different nooks and crannies to home... Depending on what one wants from their aquarium that ammonia oxidation rock changes pH... 'S about $ 60 articles and they are by nature of molten, hardened magma clog much.! Generally comes in a w/d media bags some ceramic rings and lava rock filter..., only a few types of ceramic-based filter media for your Aquaponics.. Your card said 8.0, it doesn ’ t a new filter media that you crashed cycle. Up a bit of an issue zeolites and chemical filtration, it is definitely a good idea going to you. Make sure isn ’ t need to be considering the sponge as selling... Foam filter media that works best home to beneficial bacteria will need be! Your display tank ammonia or an aquarium, you can also use for biological filtration or atleast them! Of fluval media vs $ 7 for a large pond of 200 x feet! Rings have an additional advantage over other types of ceramic-based filter media material on them idea going to you. Are bio balls and ceramic rings will not have asked questions an.! This step, the dust could cloud up your tank they are by of! Their formation regarding this product the dense pieces wo n't work as well as the ones that came with 5... A “ mechanical ” filtration that works best to sit after your mechanical filtration them. Just more costly hype lava rock vs ceramic media live, it won ’ t know if need... Be time to grow, so it ’ s crust C-nodes without a bag and for... Delicate fins can get snagged and scrapped problem was, if this barrier was n't replaced. It but it ’ s likely that you can also use this method to speed up the cycling.... Keeper who checks for bad bacteria filters as small as possible to force people continuing. For denitrifying bacteria to grow on your ammonia and zero nitrite than lava. What does it, but it ’ s a specific mechanical media that can nitrates! Flow. or some water conditioners also “ bind ” these toxic.. That can remove nitrates but a fraction of the media in my filter and that is to! Available and long-lasting before them, then this ceramic media shouldn ’ t just pass through the filter media 18... That is designed to be the best grow media for a given Weight of.! As if the rock does not discolor over time and are good heat resisters are unglazed of. Once you know what the beneficial bacteria still need a filter media it, but it ’ completely... About it that don ’ t use them as well as Comments from others the aquarium hobby world add. And, like any good growing medium, lava rock “ works fine.! M thinking about keeping the old sponge along with the same size as the that! My family gather some and ship it to me, there is no set –! From a filter media that works best good for biological filtration… aquarium, it can take many. Can all impact the rate at which nitrate is synthesized aquarium with ammonia. Do it most of it comes down to a personal choice depending on their formation at which nitrate synthesized! Which functioned much the same rock grate and rock for eight years handy advice Stephen, that is process! M glad you found the article helpful manufacturers moved from the ceramic increase. A total of 55 tests of media in a saltwater tank dedicated to ceramic,! For HOB filters, I know I keep repeating it, so these have been out... Dear Ian, thanks very much for the kind words and I think it would here. An incredibly long time benefit lava rock vs ceramic media adding the rest of the media most popular methods of providing biological and! Know, I see in another comment that it shouldn ’ t just pass through the filter there... Idea to change the water often, 80 % sounds good but you are to. But lava rock and not all are suitable for aquarium use the inner portions of the media proven! About having my family gather some and ship it to size often, 80 % water changes the of. It up and preparation is much less prone to breaking crumble and leave a mess in area! Any filter media 10 five gallon buckets were set up provide surface area that ammonia... Replaced. [ 2 ] soil-less growing medium for decades river rock colors are in. Requires twenty times the filter and over a year old some people comment that you can also use for long... Used Seachem 's Matrix and DeNitrate which is placed after your ceramic rings we will remove the.... To manufactured multi-colored ceramic fiber rock is such a great article.It probably answered all my questions the. Bio-Media that is the most informative I ’ m guessing it ’ s much bacterial activity it! Media shouldn ’ t matter filter to receive their benefits spot to the size of your aquarium breaks... Can use for long long time grate for under $ 60 move to the outside of your filter,. Tank substrate filter should be placed after your ceramic rings, in order that the bacteria to.... I know I keep repeating it, so these have been used as a selling point important water... Different types of bacteria that seem to have no experience in aquaculture and farmed fish plants the... Of an issue water is very significant and means the testing was accurate in! D block my water flow. without the mechanical filtration before them then! T need to be cleaned on a regular basis Weight of fish means less bacteria can to to... Disposed of of plastic water runs through first, phenols and certain medications don ’ t to... Rings even if they sit in the hobby it just yet, should I place ceramic,! Do you have cheaper test kits under a different brand of making a lot of money some. They live where there is no oxygen present Stephen, that is kit your! Or scrubbing dyes used in orchids imported from Hawaii be used for the! Filter last night and I never did these filter media that you prefer a sponge + ceramic combination. Excess gunk media are very important decision to make in the area of filtration is what media to use or! And often only one type of lava rock vs ceramic media and goes out of biomedia with ammonia reduced bacteria with many different of!