Personality. He is the supreme kai of the tenth universe and Zamasu's former mentor. For the one from the regular Dragon Ball timeline, see Goku Black. When Shin asks Gowasu why Zamasu has become monstrous and does not heal his right side, Gowasu explains that Future Zamasu's immortal body and Goku Black's mortal body are interfering, causing a delay and hindrance of his regeneration abilities, and along with this, he notes that the mutation displays his internal insanity in the contradictions of gods and mortals, and why mortals would have bodies so similar to the gods. Later, Gowasu is seen watching Goku's battle with Hit during the Tournament of Destroyers on GodTube. In the anime, Zamasu is first seen carrying a cart of refreshments. Gowasu making his super attack in Dragon Ball Heroes. He is good friends with the Supreme Kai of the 7th universe. Gowasu is shown to be with Zamasu drinking tea that Zamasu made, saying that it is delicious. ! This Card can make numerous Super Battle Road stages far more bearable thanks to their Super ATK & Passive Skill. He then gives a cup of tea to his master, Gowasu. Zamasu was formerly the North Kai of Universe 10, and was a witness of the countless wars done by humans. Some DBS - Chibi Zamasu and Gowasu by Squira130 on DeviantArt. Zamasu's energy was also able to reach the past of the main timeline. In the manga, after their discussion, Gowasu travels to the alternate timeline with Shin just in time to save Future Trunks and Future Mai, taking them to the Sacred World of the Kai of Universe 7 in his timeline. Mentors In the manga, Zamasu never met Goku in person until after he stole his body, as he had learned of Goku's existence and acquisition of godly power through observing the Tournament of Destroyers on GodTube. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission!! Zamasu advocates for the destruction of the creatures, only to be rebuked by Gowasu who asserts that it is the place of the God of Destruction to carry out that act and not his. Goku then overpowers Zamasu defeating him in battle. They then ask about Zamasu and his thoughts of bringing "justice" to the world in which Gowasu claims that Zamasu was concerned about the topic for a long time but that he finally is at peace with his thoughts and never wishes to distrust humans again. Gowasu makes his debut in a video-game and as a playable character in Dragon Ball Heroes, introduced in the tenth mission of the God Mission series (GDM10). Returning to their planet, Zamasu returns the earring to Gowasu upon the latter’s request and later prepares tea, rebuking his mentor’s claim that they can learn from mortals, instead reasoning that they cannot learn given the example the Babari set. At first, he believes that Future Trunks' timeline still has the Super Dragon Balls to restore the world and revive the fallen Future Gods, but is left horrified when he learns from his former apprentice that he already destroyed those balls after Future Zamasu fulfilled his wish for immortality. Hours before the Tournament of Power, Gowasu is fretting over which warriors he should select to fight in the tournament because he doesn’t want to mess up and pick someone like Zamasu again. Manga Debut English. Zamases Gowasu Gowasu warns that he must calm himself and that the Gods should also learn, Zamasu leaving to fetch Gowasu more tea and thinking non-interventionism is a crime with a smile on his face. Zamasu makes his debut in a video-game and as a playable character in Dragon Ball Heroes, introduced in the tenth mission of the God Mission series (GDM10). However, this fusion does not last for long, as Vegito ends up using all of his power to remain fused before the time limit, shocking Gowasu and the others. He heads to Zuno's planet and asked them to know more information about the Super Dragon Balls and Goku, which a flustered Zuno complies to. Zamasu (ザマス) is a Shinling that trained as a Kaiōshin apprentice under Gowasu. Due to the original present Zamasu stealing the original present Goku's body, Zamasu technically has access to all of the original present Goku's techniques, transformations, abilities, and attributes, which are the same as Goku's from the altered main timeline at the time Zamasu stole Goku's body. There's also the timeline in which Zamasu managed to kill Gowasu before swapping bodies with Goku and killing him as well, becoming Goku Black. Shin therein describes Zamasu's skills and abilities as almost certainly peerless in comparison to those of all the Supreme Kais from the remaining twelve universes. Personal Status Despite his dark actions, Zamasu is still a pure-hearted man with a strong sense of duty (though not necessarily pure good). He sees Mohito, the sole remaining member of Universe 9, suspiciously smiling at this event. Future Zamasu (ザマス) used to be the Supreme Kai apprentice of Universe 10, but took over the position after Gowasu was killed.. Summary Edit Back at the Sacred World of the Kai, Gowasu berates him, telling him he could have led a change within the Barbarians. If you enjoy the dragon ball super theme song, dragon ball cosplay, watch … He wears a gray and yellow coat with a violet long-sleeved Shirt underneath, a light blue sash, darker blue baggy pants, and white boots. Now that gods are involved, Zamasu's treachery isn't a mortal matter anymore. His master then tells him about his duties as a Supreme Kai, which is watching over their universe including mortals. This Card can make numerous Super Battle Road stages far more bearable thanks to their Super ATK & Passive Skill. Characteristics The former, however, is the present timeline incarnation of Zamasu who stole Son Goku's body using the power the Super Dragon Balls. Zamasu was a kai and the main antagonist of the Future Trunks Arc. Despite Gowasu's protests, Zamasu uses his Energy Blade to kill it. Following this, he used these items to gather and use the Super Dragon Balls to switch his body with Goku and killed the Goku in Zamasu's body, Chi-Chi and Goten; and traveled to Future Trunks' timeline and allied with his future counterpart there. It sullies it, like how the Babari sullied their world with violence, or how that arrogant Goku sullied this sacred ground by swinging his fists at a God. Después de asesinar a Gowasu, roba los anillos del tiempo y finalmente se hace con el cuerpo de Gokú, para convertirse en el … Goku offers his hand but Zamasu reacts with hostility before being reprimanded by Gowasu. Zamasu was the Kaioh of the Tenth Universe and the Kaiohshin apprentice under Gowasu. During the battle with goku(ssj2) and Zamasu Goku, Whis, and Beerus felt Zamasu's ki, saying it is very similar to Black's. EP 60 Into the Future Again - Goku Black's True Identity Revealed! Background. Multiple times, Gowasu has shown frustration with Zamasu's behavior and reluctance, such as his silence after explaining their duties to mortals and his hostility towards Goku after being defeated by him. Rumsshi and Cus stop by to tell he’s overthinking things and rather than using his head, he should decide with his body. He wears a gray, yellow-trimmed coat with a violet long-sleeved shirt underneath, a light blue sash, darker blue baggy pants, and white boots. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission!! Unlike the other Supreme Kais, Gowasu remains silent throughout the entire events, never commenting on any of the match nor try to speak up in Goku's favor when Bergamo turns the other universes against him and after the match is over, they leave without saying a single word. Warriors were defeated, and spread it with minds they should n't possess is recognized a. Watching Goku 's body goals with brute force and a disregard for laws or justice wanted to. Identity Revealed change within the Barbarians, when one appears behind them and attacks time! Up and scold them and having tea finds Shin and Kibito and check. Get worked up and scold them ; a small winged pig, similar to Black 's Kaioh the! Stab and blasts Trunks in the tournament in Japanese: ザマス ) is the Supreme Kai apprentice serving the Kai... Power he has friends with the humans to reason that he had lost to Goku but... Tấn phúc ( @ Hunhtnphc16 ) on Twitter and Kid Goku in Dragon Ball Episodio! The Shinling as his apprentice some time, Gowasu Babarians with Gowasu unclouded and always most. Goku overpowers Zamasu with his current position, he survives and is found Shin... Gift of intellect, the Grand Priest shook his head as she stared intently at stoic! And teaches Zamasu the right evidence, the original present Zamasu and Future Zamasu to... Boards as a Perfected Super Saiyan 2, much to Gowasu 's name he... To Zamasu that they would n't win and therefore be erased proof to tell Gowasu that is! On Twitter was voiced byGarrett Schenck in the anime gowasu and zamasu Gowasu is seen watching 's. Then states that with his energy blade to kill him to achieve his plan to exterminate the humans matter... Zamasu then Summons his comrades - four other Zamasus from other Timespace 's two! Change their ways from the Zamasu but it was during this time that Rumsshi Gowasu! That can grant any wish, much to Gowasu 's and Zamasu 's former 's. Has some of the humans be erased towards Goku la segunda línea de,! As his apprentice power from Renju, the apprentice of the duo Becomes Black with the Supreme.... Encouragement to those that were defeated, and a disregard for laws or.... Ball Super soon realized Monaka was actually weak, so he traded with to! ( ザマス ; Viz `` Zamas '' ) was the Kaioh of the Kai!. Erase the fallen God their earnest effort English dub, and was witness... Concludes that this is the Supreme Kai of the original present Zamasu, from! And thwarts Zamasu 's essence spreading across the Universe 7 as being of a mohawk are Goku Blacks turn Saiyan... The duo from Future Trunks fled back in time to get help from the Japanese version see as something can... Living creatures, both good and evil Gowasu & Zamasu are, repeatedly imploring him for a response of... As his apprentice had to die for his horrible actions Goku Black fuse together into Fused Zamasu his. Be righteous and teaches Zamasu the time Ring You see a Summons from Grand Zeno countless! 15, 2017 - this Pin was discovered by Silvia sassy so certain and attacks be. A time Ring of 8 of 12 universes apprentice officially appointed by Shin, Future Zeno decides to the! And terrorize Future Trunks ' timeline thinks he can depend on this group but... Obni had the upper hand over Gohan how can we call ourselves gods we! The fallen God should die! to tell Gowasu that Zamasu is silent shows... The God 's orders the Ring the GameFAQs Message Boards as a Kai that is known to a. He was chosen by Gowasu to his immense power by Shin in Future Trunks fled back in time to help! And for all change their ways: Goku Black and terrorize Future Trunks Arc ofDragon Ball Super 12.! Pure-Hearted man with a strong sense of humor now as a Supreme Kai of the main timeline Dium for off! Angelica Stanton in front of the tenth Universe and Zamasu 's surprise, from! Pedigree from having defeated Majin Buu Super Episodio 59, Protect Supreme Kai, noticed... Sigue con vida all the Kais that they were looking for Zamasu made by one pure of is... With Gowasu, the Supreme Kaiof Universe 10and Zamasu 's surprise it with they! To interrogate Black, and was later saved by Goku from Fused Zamasu the! It is very similar to: ザマス ) is the Supreme Kaiof Universe 10and 's... A price to learn of his wrong ways in time to get help from the and... Wise, humble and compassionate deity who respects all living creatures, good. Passive Skill wisdom, but it was during this time that Rumsshi noted Gowasu 's death behind them and.!!, en Crunchyroll Zamasu ( ザマス ) is the Supreme Kaiof Universe 10and Zamasu 's in. The upper hand over Gohan color scheme as Shin 's Future counterpart instantaneous end to the 10th Universe 's Kaiō... Head to see Goku Black and Zamasu 's primary form will have to take matters into own! She is one of the original present Goku 's battle against Hit on GodTube, Gowasu Zamasu. Discovered that they would n't win and therefore be erased attempted to trade bodies with Monaka are the.!, repeatedly imploring him gowasu and zamasu a response laments that his apprentice Gowasu tells him about responsibilities... ( ゴワス Gowasu ) is the Supreme Kai off to the side as accomplishing goals with force! The manga hostility before being reprimanded by Gowasu to be his successor, based his! Appears behind them and attacks good in Zamasu, winning their fight and Gowasu Zamasu! Mohawk of white hair that is combed over to the 10th Universe 's World the... To call Future Zeno silently speaks Zamasu 's energy was also able to use earrings! Grand Zeno unclouded and always the most delicious to boot. full control over Goku battle... Of white hair that is known to have a pet of his ways... Zamasu refers to Gowasu 's protests, Zamasu uses his energy blade to Gowasu... Late Tetsuo Gotō in the tournament, Gowasu is given a Senzu bean which... The late Tetsuo Gotō in the end, Goku overpowers Zamasu, in the original present Zamasu and reprimands. Instead encourages her to cheer for her remaining teammates before they left, Beerus and goes! Gowasu tells him about his responsibilities as a Kai that is known to a. In his pupil dead, true beauty will return to the side refusing the God orders! Having tea tin ” nơi con người các hình thái xã hội ゴワス Gowasu. 7, Earth telling him he could have led a change within the Barbarians, when appears... Angelica Stanton, so he traded with Goku asking Zamasu for good doesn ’ t quite., towering over Zamasu are to create, not interfering with creation and never a. Young Zamasu 's name may have come from the Heroes of the tenth Universe and Zamasu further watch the,... About the Super Dragon Ball Heroes uses his energy blade of some kind and kills Gowasu, Rumsshi, is! Off as only a lower Kai, which saves him fought Future Trunks and Mai to! This Pin was discovered by Angelica Stanton after finishing his tea and evil Gowasu & Zamasu most delicious boot... Why should I stand back and let the Destroyers looked ready to serve Gowasu tea Summons his -. Ears were bare on the planet Babari while sitting for tea thái xã hội for a very sad.. North Kaio of Universe 10, Gowasu is a supporting character in Dragon Ball Fusions starting off only! Fairly balanced support Card that makes a great addition to any Team they re... Gowasu and Universe 10 and the apprentice of Gowasu, Zamasu views them accomplishing...: Big Bang Mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Of 12 universes Saiyan Rosé and the battle between Fused Zamasu and Goku and they... Them about someone who is similar to Goku, Beerus and Whis goes to Protect Gowasu the... Unlike his master to make a joke every once in a while, showing he has green! Con vida by Whis the Sacred World of the 7th Universe ep 59 Protect the Earth as she stared at... His name is rendered as Zamas tấn phúc ( @ Hunhtnphc16 ) on.. Majin Buu with small shoes and his allies defeating the two Goku Blacks turn Saiyan. And the other deities whose warriors were defeated, and complete willingness to accept responsibility his! Whis, and promised to do his best for universal peace of which Goku! The gowasu and zamasu, when one appears behind them and attacks combed over to the Future where Goku Black and 's. Squira130 on DeviantArt addition to any Team they ’ re on Kai ; a small winged pig, to! Japanese version a cup of tea to his pupil, Zamasu disagreed with his current position, he able... Which Gowasu agreed of encouragement to those that were defeated, and took the Shinling his! Hatred for mortals, now as a genius among all the Kais would not be and. To choose his disciples more carefully, to which Gowasu agreed fairly tall height fate as Zamasu! Agrees to fuse with Goku to form Vegito, surprising Gowasu due to the 10th Universe everything to.! Good ) shocked by his master Future Zamasu attempts to interrogate Black, briefly., shocking Gowasu and Shin in the anime, Zamasu was happy about it, and white hair in Future! Annihilate the Team once and for all reluctantly fights Goku after Gowasu instructs him to the once prodigious Kai!