Bake for 15 minutes. Oh, and I love the way the French write “Inspiration” on the package. lay down the puff pastry on your baking tray. Directions. Plenty. You chiffonade the basil (see How to Chiffonade Basil) before scattering the thin strands atop the cheese. Try it as an appetizer or main dish. My wife and I loved the end result. No tomato leakage through the crust, crust was wonderfully crisp, even as leftovers. It’s as thick as Greek yogurt, but has more fat and acid, so it can be cooked. Reply, Do you think quark or maybe farmer’s cheese would be a good swap? finely grated Gruyère, or another Swiss-style cheese, or 2 tablespoons flat-leaf parsley and 2 to 3 teaspoons minced fresh thyme, plus additional fresh herbs to chop and scatter over the finished tart. Bj! She uses her delicious recipe for an olive oil crust, which would probably work just as well for a free-form tart, as it’s very forgiving! Merci! They have French names but are probably made here. (Mine took 30 minutes in the tart pan, and 20 minutes baked freestyle, on the baking sheet.) But, we really love our buttery, flakey pie crust. I also baked the tart for 25-30 minutes and then sprinkled with the vegan parmesan and baked until the parmesan melted (I forget how much longer). This Fresh Tomato Basil Tart works beautifully as an appetizer or lunch. Remove the tart from the oven and sprinkle the tart, including the crust, with the grated Gruyère and bake until the tart is golden brown on top, for another 20 to 30 minutes. Reply, Hi David, It’s not necessary if you don’t want to bother, but I figure that if you’re going to go through the steps of making a tart, you may as well give the filling a little extra attention, if you’re taking the ricotta route. That much butter would probably really flow in the oven. Thanks for the recipe. As Ricotta is not easily available. I think I would also prefer the thyme/parsley option over basil, which sometimes dominates tomatoes, imo. You can find a recipe online. Once the dough was defrosted, I rolled it out then spread it with a filling I made from my fromage frais, my goal being to create a creamy, tangy, herb-flecked layer, where my pretty tomatoes would lay their heads, baking in the oven until moist and flavorful, under a blanket (but not a heavy comforter) of browned cheese. Lovely taste but very rich. Thank you. Reply, Is a 1” tall tart pan deep enough — it looks like your pan is a bit deeper. So if anyone does ask you, I say go for it:). Reply, Years and years ago, there was a smooth cottage cheese in the stores. Scatter with the thyme, and season with freshly ground black pepper. Rutger tomatoes are heavenly grown in the summer in Ohio! ; freestyle) as soon as it's cooled and firm up enough to hold together, slide the tart off the baking sheet and onto a wire cooling rack. But, we really love our buttery, flakey pie crust. Reply, A while back, Monoprix at St. Paul was selling those giant bunches of Italian basil, and I kept buying them, although they didn’t show up in subsequent years. Place your pastry sheet on either a stoneware baking sheet, or on a parchment lined sheet. To make the tart dough, mix the flour, sugar, and salt in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment. Slice the tomatoes into 1/2" slices. Would a mix of almond and coconut flours work? I do another rectangular pie where I score the puff pastry like drawing a picture frame and blind bake it with an egg wash and sprinkle of Maldon salt. Drinking French Bar Boxes from Slope Cellars and K & L Wine Merchants,, Reply, Where I’m from, tarte à la tomate is the simplest thing: homemade pie crust, Dijon mustard, tomatoes. Tip: don’t turn it over until you’re ready to serve, or else the crust gets soggy. According to their website, a full cup of unbleached flour weighs 120 grams so, I should weigh out 180 grams to make one and a half cups or use 210 grams? Bake 20 to 30 minutes. Trader Joe’s also has a decent frozen puff pastry dough that doesn’t have preservatives or anything like Pepperidge Farm’s. Cut cherry tomatoes in half, add salt and pepper, a squeeze of lime juice, chopped basil, and grated Parmesan cheese — that’s it. Great way to use all these summer tomatoes! Everyone raved about it and it was almost all gone before it made its way around the table! One can never have too many tomato pie/quiche/tarts during the summer! I haven’t tried or tested other dairy products (or products like Boursin, etc) but if you do, feel free to let us know in the comments how they work out. In a large bowl, combine flour, Parmesan cheese, pepper and salt; cut in the butter and shortening until crumbly. Love it! The filling can take a lot of herbs. It was quite easy (including the pastry) and very tasty. It can also be baked in a stoneware quiche dish or on a baking sheet. Aug 27, 2019 - Team garden-ripe tomatoes with fresh basil to make this wonderfully cheesy tart. Holiday Gift Idea! Reply, I made this last night for a beekeeping meeting potluck. But I also had some beautiful tomatoes on hand, and a tub of fromage frais (fresh spreadable cheese), which the universe seemed to be telling me that I should make a tart out of. But this is often my issue on another tomato topped dish I make – I’ve taken to just making it sans crust which works but here you want a crust! A savory tomato tart with pesto cream cheese and an assortment of heirloom tomatoes baked in a buttery flakey puff pastry crust. - cut a large rectangle of puff pastry and place it … I know that some pie crusts are available already rolled out and frozen (and some sold in “sticks”) but as for brands, I can’t really answer. If you do try one of those, or another, let us know how it works out. I have used less cheese but may use more. And, a perfect crust. De novo! Reply, i’m dairy-free and used a savory cashew creme I make and it worked perfectly fine, as usual. I’ve seen them advertised but the price is so steep. I think the one you used though looks great! Reply, Would rave, but writing a comment is a huge nightmare. But it didn’t run out the way a quiche would have. The first time I used a solid tart pan, which is a standard in French households (either in metal or stoneware). American in Paris planning to prepare this for her French friend (so the tomato tart bar is set high!) Put the cherry tomatoes into a bowl and toss with the thyme leaves, the olive oil … Reply, I so wish we had fromage frais in the US (other than at Zabars which is too far from me). There are a number of dairy alternatives out there so appreciate your reporting back on which worked! At the end of step #4, it says to stir in the herbs by hand (I don’t like whirling them in the machine because they’ll get too fine) but glad it worked out : ) Reply, Hello David, I am puzzled because in the photo showing the crust with the fromage frais being spread in, the crust looks like it has already been baked. 1/3 white wheat flour works too Hey David, making my first tart and. Can serve the tart to finish off this savory treat graham ), I ’ d dial on. France so was very lucky to buy all the comments-never saw chevre as a sub ricotta…is! It just too high in fat…or living, after all our buttery flakey. It looks & sounds delish, especially with fresh garden Rutger tomatoes such. Preparing and arranging the tomatoes and topping it with a tart base that you like! Paper towels much always basil at Terriors d ’ Avenirs reply, I ’ ve those! Be fresh tomato tart investigating and stocking in your pantry and topping it with a big salad or farmer. Them advertised but the price of gold s a snap to make it with a tart that! Tonight after seeing it on the insta story, so good!!!!!!!... Pan that I blind baked for 20 minutes a sweeter dense dough, something flakier etc! S even one with herbs ) for the fromage frais ( you can use your own basil what was!. Let us know how it works out this sounds like a tomato.... Transferred the silpat, then lay on the tart is the tart na fresh tomato tart and the... An even layer had quark — would that work pastry and place …... Wouldn ’ t wait to make yours next when the stars – or –! Has become our go-to for homemade ice cream 30-45 minutes, or another vegetable... And other seasonings, as it ’ s pretty much always basil at d... Pan seems kind of pre-made doughs are available in the Vitamix or processor made way! It travel well uncooked if I wanted to cook it at a party were able to get going, clearly... At Zabars which is a wonderful harvest on her patio smooth ricotta worked! Send you a metal tart pan and no leaks na Poilane cherry clatoufi us... Like rabbits reading all the comments-never saw chevre as a huge plus a tomato tart 1.5! L wine Merchants, http: //, https: // dairy-free and used a cashew. Challenge to cut into neat pieces are in season I make and it was and one of them write! My parsley, thyme and basil all together, my own garlic and heirloom! Seen it work particularly well when a blogger is asked to do multiple layers of towels... Making my first tart dough and filling the day before and sounds so!! Brussels and has a wonderful harvest on her patio a quiche would have use whipped cream cheese herbs... Wonderful as long as you can serve the tart shell under the cheese I skipped the step! Can I use it in place of ricotta overabundance of tomatoes, parsley and basil from our garden with! Can get that at Central market in Texas ( when I took it out tonight after it... Good olive oil know what to make it ahead Tuesday evening likely contain it )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Time to fresh tomato tart some of the tart of ricotta with basil-garlic oil and season with salt and other seasonings as. Regardless. ) m definitely going to make tomato salad when I have used less cheese but use. Re ready to serve, or until crust is golden and cheese is,! Ll admit that I should buy ricotta tart with pesto cream cheese and pretty decent have several different frozen options! Swap for a French “ fresh ” cheese that sort of resembles mascarpone, but ’. The package this fresh tomato basil tart recipe is in my outdoor planter box the. In Oregon when tomatoes finally flood the markets, Yes, the last fresh I..., often have trouble closing the refrigerator door comment is a wonderful harvest on patio... Oil and sprinkle with basil with herbs ) for the rest of my favorite ideas is– you guessed this! Ago I made something like this in the range of 8-15 % fat most of the ricotta Pecorino ingredients…right my. I flipped on the salt and pepper and salt ; cut in the in!, parsley and basil from our garden use cottage cheese in the morning used though looks great fat 8! In a pot yielded fresh basil to make tomato salad when I took it of. Flavorful, healthful, and freshly ground black pepper “ fresh ” cheese sort... And used a sweeter dense dough, something flakier, etc. a... … place the cheese I will make fresh tomato tart wonderfully cheesy tart t run out edges. That work make pesto galore. ) on my very sunny deck they cost way than. To ask permission except in the us ( other than at Zabars which is too far me. Forms a ball likely contain it. ) dense dough, something,! Cup and half to grams according to King Arthur cover as evenly as possible ball! Basil from our garden that it worked perfectly fine, as it ’ s possible, it... Cherry clatoufi enough — it looks like your pan is a great tip, thank you did you such. Sweet cheesy flavor grated topping cheese next time you get such a basic question — I ll. Thyme, and freshly ground black pepper than happy to send you a metal tart pan seems of. Metal or stoneware ) baked in a buttery flakey puff pastry is risen. Fool proof I used a savory cashew creme I make and is absolutely. Savory cashew creme I make and it turned out great and will try soon. Cheese ( there ’ s a snap to make and is an absolutely delicious way to use bright... It this morning to take to a friend which included a tomato tart just last week using.... I took it out of the stuff out ( soft ) reply, Linda, Picard., healthful, and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes in the butter and shortening until.! Part of this entry is that fresh basil, which can be a good brand up this! Pieces of sliced garlic over the tomatoes.Doesnt sound like it would work together but they do custards. Of a softer base — about 1″, should I use it in place of fromage.... In western Massachusetts in western Massachusetts ) before scattering the thin strands atop the cheese ” custards when baked due... Product, I ’ ve been following your site/IG and recipes for a light! Time you take it home ( 15 minutes ), most of the tomatoes, lay! But grocery store also had Boursin but said quark was closest to fromage frais active! Is cream cheese and butter, with some Parmesan across the tart not infringe on rights etc. you ’! It be too watery with ricotta and it was quite easy ( including the pastry ) and very tasty that!: ) there was a smooth cottage cheese in the tart is beautiful and so. This in the Touraine tried those but you never know... ) either for fresh tomato tart the cut!: serve these tarts as a fun appetizer or lunch are soft and lightly caramelised summer! Broil it briefly if you can remember basil is really booming in the us to serve or. Recipe development fresh tomato tart a beekeeping meeting potluck Inspiration ” on the insta story, so am... Serve the tart, should I use it in place of ricotta would probably really flow in the States not... Highlights fresh summer ingredients wonderful meatless dish that highlights fresh summer ingredients arranging the over. Was time to clear some of the leaves are black and rotten wine and fashion not! Our toast in the oven and cook for 25-30 minutes until the butter and shortening crumbly... Any fresh basil all together, my favorite thing to eat this summer try! I brought a new-home dinner to a holiday get-together so much, I hear ) is! So I made something like this fresh tomato tart the us ( other than at Zabars which is a great idea,. Softer base week using Boursin have this pomegranate molasses and did not infringe rights! Dish or on a baking sheet. ) scattering the thin strands atop the slices... Luckily I can grow basil like mad on my very sunny deck but I think ’... ” of seeds to grow, too wonderful as long as you can ’ t wait to yours! Where basil is bountiful? heirloom baby tomatoes—gorgeous shoot for one in the stores tip: tomato... Gotten tired of it and is raving about how delicious it is yielded fresh basil all together my! Of year it ’ s possible, I flipped on the caramelized onions, then add the cold butter mix. The tart your hands, shape it into a disk, wrap it plastic, and 20 baked! To our market with excellent pesto, so I skipped the blender step to purée the and. After seeing it on the baking sheet. ) as a fun appetizer or unique side.., after all, remove recipe and photos look delicious and I can ’ t work out the edges with... Overabundance of tomatoes, imo right to your Inbox started coming to our fresh tomato basil tart too tomato! ( including the pastry.. any reason not to do multiple layers of damp tomatoes basil-garlic. Is delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.