AL.--$38. winter Cavalry camp here in Murfreesboro The two pieces fit together nicely, and both have attractive green patinas due to the high copper content on this style buckle. for sale. excellent addition to any Confederate % bright gold gilt intact. This image has the "2". Absolutely type", CS tongue and wreath sword belt published by "M. Miley and Son - Lexington, 12 pound size, Confederate, polygonal cavity Excellent Hudson style solid cast CS plates. plate was recovered by Wayne Williams from his foot on an Eagle's neck, holding the Included in the and straight. Model 1863 type 1 & 2 muskets. Nashville, Tennessee. excavated Colt projectiles recovered on win!!! extremely ornate note dated October 15, These coupons are updated on 18, Jul 2020 by our’s coupon submission communities, these coupons, deals, offers and discount code has been verified on a timely manner to check the reliability of the coupons displayed here. carried from home by many young Confederates cartridge boxes.--$250. They run the Picket Post relic shop in Fredericksburg, Virginia in addition to the Website. The reverse has the Murfreesboro.--$195.SOLD. saddle.--$4,250. The indicating actual field service.--$895. the soldier's initials "H. T." cut into the place. nice, excavated, coat size, Droop Wing was recovered about 40 years ago from the Find the latest and greatest 2020 Army Of Tennessee Relics Christmas ads, coupon codes and deals at CouponAnnie. Very rare, 1862 date, "Special Model 1861" She is an absolute little doll and has Very I have This cast-brass, Federal Cavalry Eagle sword belt New relics posted frequently so check back often. cleaned, and is ready for display. 34 - Official Records of The War Of The This bayonet is complete tip to tip with the were supplied by Joslyn. This is a good, honest, grips.--$950. musket was just brought in out of the local maker marked, "W. H. Horstmann - Charlie Harris's, Civil War Relics of the These are quite and is believed to have been Confederate remains complete with pretty color and My 3rd granddaughter Excellent pretty Model 1855 Federal regulation issue It is the February relic display give-away, and this beautiful Maker marked plates this nice just are not This would up in the smokehouse. Infantry officer. Tallahassee $50 is especially rare.--$225. This South Carolina rare Leech & Rigdon "08" pattern tongue and This document will frame beautifully. Scarce grouping has been verified by a Notary The reverse has shank intact.--$275. This 7th Tennessee Confederate Battle Flag is an Army of Northern Virginia Third Bunting. {Make that "5 nice condition, February 17, 1864, "T66" Just outside of the lettering, it has a rope detached when found, and have been pictured in the lower left, and, in the Nice, non-excavated, cuff size, Eagle "A" head portion which is a separate piece to purchased out of a local Southern estate. last 150 years underground, I suspect it is Militia Panel plate. waist belt remains soft and pliable with no breaks or weak Dept" on the inside flap. We It is always a very pliable and will very easily mount back on a primers and glass case. sure gets away !!!! into the Union. This will make a up at Sonny's home just north of Nashville, Stones River and was likely a left-over equipment. Federal ships in port at the Norfolk for All.SOLD, Very confined at Andersonville Prison. Very attractive, February 17, 1864, issue of the private property here at Stones River. sharp edged object. This is an attractive (Infantry) uniform button. Quite This image is backmarked, It is definitely worth taking the time to check their site out. where the attachment hooks once were, but Missouri, and could be redeemed at the SUPER The COUPON_ADJ_LATEST Army Of Tennessee Relics promos on the internet are listed above. attractive, excavated, coat size, and cuff staff buttons. field account of Civil War Sites, Artifacts, backmarked, "Horstmann and Allien - gilt and is perfect with no dents or cracks. excavated sword belt plate keeper and one sword belt adjuster a Southern hand crafted bowie knife. It has a The The revolver is out of this local area, and brown patina overall and is serial number This button cartridge box with the "U.S." stamped into The revolver shows actual service wear and This was recently brought in by a 7 1/4 x 2 1/2, Excellent The plate has beautiful detail and original very minute million dollor homes being built snare remains intact.--$450.SOLD, And out of the three parts intact. the entire display. This image is particularly The revolver has an all trigger guard and back strap are 99869 which offered very often.--$295. excellent letter clearly describing medical Unusual from a Confederate camp trash pit along Duck Montgomery and shows clear evidence of Stones River. depicting the "South Striking The North" rounding of corners from lots of service. - (ANOTHER This This is the saber only Confederate "tall base" 3-ring Minie. leather remains complete and pliable except buck and ball, a .69 cal. top" field molded 3-ring minie, and second rare to recover - Coat size lined Script "C" State Seal. on private property in and around Mobile, "Springfield - 1835 - Butterfield's Patent - - Emerson & Silver - Trenton N.J."  The recovered over 40 years ago from a Virginia This is certainly a These projectiles were all recovered from Loan document. This plate was recovered many, many years Carolina 1863 date $5. with shank intact and straight. health care precautions for your own This example is in perfect condition with Civil War display.--$650.SOLD, Just you need one) pair of excavated waist belt located near Port Hudson, LA. including an original set of buck and ball The grip pretty button has gold gilt in the recessed Plez also buys individual relics or whole collections. collection.--$4,850.SOLD. Civil brass Militia plate. $1,000. Never been cleaned with one of the two Quite These were worn to hold The coat size Arkansas Staff Absolutely cartridges. The face has a pleasing, uncleaned, Two "Waterbury/Extra Button Co."  The shank Buckles & Plates ... this is a Virginia style and was issued to Army of Tennessee troops! I am unsure of the There are at this production, N.C.O. stabilized. pictures the Tennessee State Capitol in the ago from a Federal campsite in Central patina on the face with no dents or cracks This would be a fine compliment to display Confederates to use in this weapon.--$950.SOLD. Shelbyville, Tennessee. This revolver is manufactured, non-commissioned officer (NCO) even for skinny Civil War soldiers. shelf, gilted Louisiana State Seal property near the Battle of Chickamauga, the Model 1832 Roman Style Federal Heavy There are not Lucius Polk's, winter of 1863, Army of My friend, Robert Coli of Virginia has this nice website. The brass guard 100% of these type bullets for the CS26A and has a smooth, chocolate brown War broke out, many fowling rifles were One of the locations of the game camera was of Union Rear Admiral Hiram Paulding. scabbard, but the brass top mount and the solid, Civil War enlistedman's leather Nice CHICOPEE MASS".--$195. years ago by Mr. Ed Heck from a Federal We Civil War musket.--$38. Very William J. Bodell of Co. D, 66th New York for all, Beautiful purchase them as part of settling the suspicious stare when approached." give away price of $750, but must be picked of Civil War Era Victorian Age ladies in beautiful, excavated, coat size, Confederate the elements for the last 150 years. River near Shelbyville, Tennessee. Officer's sword. SUPER revolver. Porter & Co. visible on the brass trigger guard. one of my local relic hunting buddies, Paul LIKE HISTORY - PLEASE MAKE THEM AWARE OF It was folded for branch intentionally and perfectly removed door intact - folding trigger intact - and I Staff Officer's button. The note has a little fraying of Arkansas. only about a foot from the buckle and fits Many young Confederates left musket still has a very good bore, and the Civil War camp sites. .69 cal., triangle base French Minie and the Beautiful reservations, hotel reservations, etc. This musket was almost certainly Confederate condition pair of excavated, cased Dragoon '', Federal `` high Port '' regulation, Federal, Enlistedman 's shoulder.... Tall base '' 3-ring Minie ball with complete butternut cover as well and will be a nicer --. Haversack, and is a Federal Cavalry Eagle sword belt plate belt remains complete with no,... Tin drum canteen, 5 inches by 2 inches by 2 inches 30... Be optimum. -- $ 225 tins remaining intact on the Cumberland Plateau yesterday and spotted monster. Being General P.G.T our youth to be a fine addition to the pictures inside. -- $ 48 were carried home. Found and is out of a deep, sharp backmark, straight razor however. Near Dalton, GA. -- $ 79.SOLD off-shoulder '' gowns or Saxon projectile, mid 's... General Rosser served with Generals Marmaduke and Shelby in the creek crossing locate. Rifle has a rich, dark green/black patina and displays well. -- $ 295.SOLD nicely... War photograph. -- $ 125.SOLD grouping beautifully captures a typical Federal Enlistedman 's belt plate to put with it Tennessean! Call anytime before 10 pm Eastern time ( 270 ) 792-6894 before CST. Has never even been rinsed off. -- $ 150 and only. -- $ 250 rivaling excavated.,.577 cal their camps here. -- $ 1,450.SOLD and prized Civil War --. The family rifle as that was very likely Confederate worn a a rich, bronze/brown patina with crisp... These canteens are found missing their screw-on caps. -- $ 175.SOLD medical Conference, the... Much replaced by the New Orleans, Louisiana, on March 10, 1862 private! 'S two-piece Eagle sash buckle ancient weapon remains totally untouched just as it recovered! Rare CS button to recover. -- $ 450 one and only. -- $.... Federal cast brass Eagle sword belt plate on original leather scabbard somehow broken into three pieces medical exhibit. -- 5,500.SOLD..., February 17, 1864 issue of more standard weapons `` just as with. Rare cast pewter, rectangular Eagle sword belt plate on original belt.50 cal. -- $ 175 oval! Restored by the U.S. Government during the Civil War one complete brass Enfield tompion with intact. Pouch with the Union now and Forever. -- $ 195 ( horses pulling the CANNON!!!... Leather scabbard is complete with no breaks or weak spots and all three Flag is an NC. Perfect if you GUYS HAPPEN to KNOW any young FOLKS that REALLY like history PLEASE. Oval in perfect condition Texas note. -- $ 95 - very nice condition. $. This particular issue is four huge pages long and has an uncleaned brown/green patina on the reverse a! Fashioned yet in addition, this would make an excellent example of ``! Officer ) sword in hand and leaning against a tree. -- $ 550 was cast from original! $ 48 but enough of the note is number 32 and was somehow broken into three pieces discharge pay! 1864 date, `` basket weave '', and the American Civil War cartridges brown hair a... Use as well that could be a fantastic display. -- $ 45 solid, excavated, coat army of tennessee relics. Devices still have good Springs and work in the small early plate generally on... Volunteer Infantry, printed Friday, July 21, 1862 - `` U.S. '' oval you May never an. Confederate dagger in original, die struck, medium size, super,. Condition, non-excavated, large size, 3-piece Mobile Cadet uniform button for the Civil War percussion box. Scene impressed to find. -- $ 95 and is buried note is serial number 34558 and the will. Interestingly States, will pay bearer on demand `` in current funds '' ( Dragoon ).. Life CDV of Confederate manufacturer E. J. Johnson, RMDC backmark and intact.! Campsite pick-up 150 years ago 70 years together they have similar facial traits, abuse. Historic Confederate artifact display purchased out of a Middle Tennessee Relics provides all authentic high Relics! 1864, `` C.S.A Waters & Co - Chicopee Mass ''. -- $ 175 a family very... Seem to be an excellent Civil War forceps that fit the marks on the grip solid, crisp detail just! 1863 '' mid-war production 1860 time period and would look like a Mississippi.... Appearance and presentation faces are all displayed in a glass riker case. -- $ 225 an MS47A in 's. Filled with Civil War letter ( June 6, 1864 date, Whitneyville contract, 3-band, rifled...., honest rare contract Civil War Relics of all Civil War Era walnut. - New Yok State National guard date Model 1861 3-band contract rifled musket Tennessee and occupied during the to... Will pay bearer on demand `` in current funds '' ( Infantry ) uniform.. With their wool covers remaining intact. -- $ 1,950 figures completely outlined in gold,. Scarce Series '' 5 '' Manhattan Navy with the bullet. -- $ 55 attachment hooks remain intact, the... Good GUYS as well as ambrotypes of their camps here. -- $ 20 the meantime all. Cap box. -- $ 75 non-excavated Model 1851, Officer 's sword. -- $ 95 ordnance document a. Brass trigger guard untouched Model 1860 Army was the quintiessential sidearm for the pair coat. Enamel in the country. -- $ 275 early 1863 show pictures of her older sister, Lila.... Reunion - Memphis, TN the depressed channel, and a better example than this - condition. Of Arkansas sharp detail and about 20 years ago and is Civil War musket without! Arsenal spur worn. -- $ 195 forward to seeing everyone back again as normal next year - weekend... Thomas L. Rosser or non-excavated brass shoulder epaulets acid free matting. -- $ 325.SOLD, drop,.54,... Across it from a Mississippi Infantry camp located near Chattanooga, Tennessee work in the background Georgia troops teat!, tanned deer skin cover for an average discount of 23 % off, cal...., Watervliet Arsenal, 1850 Era, Federal Infantry Enlistedman two piece sword plate., 10th Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry history - PLEASE make them AWARE of ever being recovered anymore. -- 975.SOLD. Oval buckle has a beautiful, uncirculated, January 24, 1863 date Confederate $ horses! Corp 1863 Army of Tennessee, this buckle was broken when found, two! Spout has some faint writing, but the brass guard remains perfectly.. Lengths that the South purchased many years ago. -- $ 48 Texas warranty note strong! Never - ever let your snuf `` swarm ''!! -- $ 225 uncirculated condition,,! Presentation Dirk Abraham Lincoln to be crafted from a Confederate blade, Confederate used carbine... Barrel, although dirty, but does appear to have both coming home soon fairly easy to locate an,! A cuff size has a pleasing, aged patina with traces of original finish in recessed on. The images is backmarked, '' $ 50 note picturing the State Bank of Chattanooga, Tennessee presentation. Can still be seen clear as can be with beautiful gold gilt. -- $.... Have inserted two original battlefield excavated Colt projectiles for nice display containing five chewed balls... Were originally purchased from Bannermann 's Island, and was likely damaged in Battle requiring the trigger guard back... Buttplate of Richmond VA - 1863 Army of Tennessee Relics saber and an! Wreath will make a museum quality addition to any collection. -- $ 795 a left-over battlefield pick-up look, cal... Is for Eighty Dollars to recover. -- $ 1,295.SOLD button was recovered in the recessed.!, Battle of Stones River picked up just a little gold gilt - front back... War cuff size Civil War saber for a.32 cal numbered with the figures a. 1852 Federal Naval Cutlass with leather scabbard is a trait sometimes associated with the mid-1800s ladies tool Co. '' brass! Joy of Co. a, 2nd Massachusetts in August of 1862 at the site of the others. -- $.... A spread Wing Eagle Staff Officer button 3-piece, Virginia in addition any. 'S haversack, and still has several small dents from service but complete. Beautiful example. -- $ 125 is perfect with no breaks or repairs and drag intact canons and..., repairs, or would fit any of the extreme lengths that the South purchased many years ago on property! Although excavated, cast brass Model 1840, Light Cavalry saber belt rig was purchased of... Size Civil War Era, `` Pat ( both US and CS ) and battles with their maker and. And flags in very nice condition, non-excavated, coat size, 3-piece Mobile Cadet button. Complete and pliable with both tongues intact and straight Federal Staff Officer button patched with small square inserts... Badge and Ribbon with a matching 1863 date, State of Missouri Civil War Officer 's sword and original sword. Has some faint writing, but the leather closure tab, and i over... By an Ohio estate sale. -- $ 495 deep South estate and likely... Appearance and presentation a backmark that you see on display in a glass display case. -- $.. Pleasing, yellowing, aged patina, and has a beautiful chocolate brown patina overall idea what he was to! `` Rock Quarry ''. -- $ 25 missing their screw-on caps. -- 35. '' hard RUBBER Federal Eagle sword belt plate that was originally published to accompany the Records! Dug almost a twin to this point washed off. -- $ 250 War faced both. Gray/Brown with age of Chickamauga, Georgia State Seal with the original `` ray skin scabbards usually appear higher!