(d) Which of the following statements about hydrogen is incorrect `? It also removes color, suspended solids and fine particles. The state of Washington does not have a standard for TSS, but it does for turbidity, depending on the body of water. (iv) It is a strong oxidizing agent. a) All use-case scenarios (and corresponding use-case diagrams) are organized into categories in CRC modelling b) The review … Turbidity does not include any settled solids or bedload (sediment that “rolls” along the riverbed) 7. The use of silt fences and sedimentation basins at construction sites can prevent soils from reaching nearby water sources 13. D. Composed of smooth muscle. The turbidity of water is based on the amount of light scattered by particles in the water column 2. In addition, colored effluent cannot be trapped by a filter. a) The color produced by 1 g of platinum cobalt Algae are plantlike, photosynthesizing organisms that can thrive in both freshwater and saltwater 11. In terms of water quality, high levels of total suspended solids will increase water temperatures and decrease dissolved oxygen (DO) levels 1. As turbidity increases, the amount of light available to submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) decreases. A light is directed through a water sample, and the amount of light scattered is measured. Organ of the upper respiratory tract. Sediment is comprised of any solid material that can be transported by water, wind or ice 23. Some suspended solids can settle out into sediment at the bottom of a body of water over a period of time 3. nitrates and phosphorus), pesticides, mercury, lead and other metals 17. Water clarity has a theoretical limit of 200 m, based on light penetration and calculations with distilled and ultrapure water 10. Turbidity and total suspended solids refer to particles present in the water column. d) Jackson’s turbidity meter In a lake or river, turbidity may also reduce visibility of underwater structures such as logs or large boulders, negatively affecting a water body’s recreational use 19. Point-source pollution can increase turbidity through the addition of suspended solids and colored effluent (wastewater) to a body of water. While some organizations consider the two units to be approximately equal, there are some specific differences 20. If pollution can be tracked to a single, identifiable source, it is considered point-source pollution 34. This can vary from bacteria riding along on a sewage plant discharge, to coal and iron ore particulates that float in from a mining zone. When it rains, soil, tire particles, debris and other solids can get washed into a water system 17. These microorganisms attach to the suspended particles, aiding in their transportation and hiding them from disinfectants 2. Substitute for ratio, for, for X.. a) All use-case scenarios (and corresponding use-case diagrams) are organized into categories in CRC modelling b) The review leader reads the use-case deliberately. a) It is an extent to which light is absorbed by particles in the water b) It is expressed in ppm c) It depends on the fineness of particle present in the water d) Turbidity rod is a laboratory method to measure turbidity View Answer. Algae, sediment and pollution will affect water quality in different ways depending on the quantity present. Sediment at the bottom of a body of water can be stirred up by shifting water flow, bottom-feeding fish, and anthropogenic causes such as dredging. They are chemosynthetic autotrophs. A small Secchi disc is then lowered into the tube and read at the point of disappearance, just as it is in a larger body of water 38. Turbidity will also affect submerged plant growth. The more particles that are present, the more light that will be scattered. Which one of the following statements is incorrect regarding the pharynx? If the flow rate increases enough, it can resuspend bottom sediments, further raising TSS concentrations 2. In areas of high flow, even rocks can be considered sediment as they are deposited in water 22. In comparison, a turbidity reading below 5 NTU appears clear, while a reading of 55 NTU will start to look cloudy and a reading over 500 NTU will appear completely opaque 2. It is usually defined as the soil particles (including silt, clay and sand) that are deposited on the bottom of a body of water 21. View Answer, 11. a. if the t-statistics for the individual independent variables are insignificant, yet the F-statistic is b. If turbidity levels remain elevated, the effects can be seen up the food chain 37. View Answer, 15. b) 20 mg/l Paying accrued interest means paying interest in advance C. Paying interest only decreases monthly payments significantly D. The balloon payment on an interest only loan is the original amount. For water quality, common examples include discharge pipes from factories and wastewater treatment plants. Which of the following is an incorrect statement regarding strategic planning? Some fish may consume suspended solids, causing illness and exposing the fish to potential toxins or pathogens on the sediment. Such pathogens contribute to waterborne diseases like cryptosporidiosis, cholera and giardiasis 25. After 24 hours, Dr. James compared the turbidity (indicative of growth) of all six tubes and rated each on a scale of 0 - 4. These effects can be seen in local streams, lakes, and even estuaries like the Chesapeake Bay. Refractory organics are often carcinogenic, while heavy metals and other chemicals can be toxic to aquatic organisms 29. In shallower streams, a Secchi tube can be used 38. View Answer, 13. c) … b) Increases Anything smaller than 2 microns (average filter size) is considered a dissolved solid. Turbidity and TSS are the most visible indicators of water quality. The particles can also scour machines, potentially damaging them. c) 10-300C If these fish and invertebrate cannot escape the anoxic area, they will die. B. a) Number of transfer unit d) 0-5 Accounting Mcqs for Preparation of various Test announced by Fpsc, kppsc, Nts, ppsc. Turbidity meters that use FNU units are able to compensate for dissolved colored materials (such as humic stain), while NTU turbidity meters cannot 14. Levels over 15 NTU are considered detrimental to bay grass growth in estuary zones 16. b) 103 – 106 mm Heavier particles, such as gravel and sand, often settle out when they enter an area of low or no water flow. In marine environments, a larger solid white disc is often used, while some shallower lakes use a black disc and take a horizontal measurement 39. When the suspended solids concentration is due to organic materials, particularly sewage effluent and decaying organic matter, the presence of bacteria, protozoa and viruses are more likely. The further sunlight can reach, the higher the water clarity. D. It is unicellular, colonial or filamentous, marine or terrestrial bacteria. Kentucky does not have a quantitative standard for acceptable levels of total suspended solids. C Recognising the deleterious effects of ozone depletion, an international treaty, known as the Montreal Protocol, was signed at Montreal (Canada) in $1987$ (became effective in $1989$) to control the emission of ozone depleting substances Excess over background amounts are often attributed to human influence, whether directly or indirectly 37. Which of the following statements regarding Mrs. Morningstar is wrong? Wind-driven turbidity increases only occur in shallow zones where waves are tall enough to resuspend sediment 40. Higher flow rates can also support a higher concentration of suspended solids. It is important to note that this is dependent on the size and nature of the suspended solids. Then, when the bloom dies off, microbes consume more oxygen as they decompose the organic material. Turbid water will appear cloudy, murky, or otherwise colored, affecting the physical look of the water. At the point visibility is lost, the depth of the disc is recorded, and is known as the Secchi depth 16. A sudden increase in turbidity in a previously clear body of water is a cause for concern. Erosion due to land use is considered a non-point source of turbidity. Here, is the food to microbe ratio, is the flow rate, is the substrate concentration in primary effluent, is the volume of the sludge tank, and is the concentration of mixed liquor. In addition NTU is the standard unit of many broadband output (400-680 nm wavelength) turbidit meters. c) Tintometer method As turbidity is a measurement of light scatter, the placement and designs of the detectors with the meter can influence the readings. These Mcqs are very helpful for the Preparation of various posts of Senior Auditor, Junior Auditor, Accountant and for Cost Accountant. This method is generally only useful in oceans, lakes and deep, low-flow rivers. These organisms come in different sizes, from microscopic phytoplankton to giant sea kelp forests 12. Contaminants include bacteria, protozoa, nutrients (e.g. Is there a reference to the statement: "High water turbidity is the leading cause of gastrointestinal cancer in the United States". View Answer. Which of the following statement is wrong regarding turbidity? d) Network terminal unit Which of the following statements regarding cyanobacteria is incorrect? b) The E2 mechanism … One JTU is equivalent to turbidity produced by __________ Instead, the stormwater runoff flows right over the pavement, carrying the suspended solids with it. These phytoplankton contribute to the total suspended solids concentration, while rooted vegetation or attached streambed-mat forms of algae do not. Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding equity securities?AnswerA. University. This simply means that raw data from two different turbidity meters cannot be directly compared without an established relationship between them 14. Accounting Mcqs. Multiple Choice Questions for Running Water - Chapter 10 Each chapter will include a few questions designed to test your knowledge of material covered in the chapter and in the Internet-based resources. In particular, NTU is more precise and has a wider range (JTU cannot measure above 25 JTU/NTU) 43. View Answer, 2. As they remove vegetation, sediment can become resuspended in the water. Biology. Equity securities securities are valued at fair market value As water flows over a surface, it can pick up particles and deposit them in a body of water 2. These suspended solids are either too small or too light to settle to the bottom. accounting mcqs for accountant. As the aggregate weight increases, the solids begin to sink and will settle on the seafloor 10. A) It should be concise and kept to one page if possible. These sediments can vary from larger sand and gravel to fine silt and clay, depending on the flow rate of water. There is no set level or concentration, only a recommendation against unnatural physical properties (e.g. In terms of water clarity, reduced light penetration due to suspended sediment can obscure aquatic organisms’ vision, reducing their ability to find food 17. Turbidity is reported in units called a Nephelometric Turbidity Unit (NTU), or a Jackson Turbidity Unit (JTU) 6. Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding common stock? These zones tend to have little aquatic vegetation due to the high suspended solids concentrations. While this is usually determined by the amount of suspended solids in water, it can also be affected by CDOM and other dissolved solids 10. (b) Magnetic field lines are closed curves. A Secchi tube is usually one meter long and is filled with collected water. The suspended solids may disrupt the natural movements and migrations of aquatic populations 13. When a freshwater stream or river enters a saltwater estuary, the change in water flow can cause turbidity levels to increase. (c) If magnetic field lines are parallel and equidistant, they represent zero field strength. This can cause population declines up the food chain 21. In most situations, a total suspended solids concentration below 20 mg/L appears clear, while levels over 40 mg/L may begin to appear cloudy 13. Underwater vegetation die-off has two main effects. This causes dissolved oxygen levels to plummet even lower, creating hypoxic (low DO) or even anoxic (no DO) conditions. Identify the correct relation between the following? Nitrate and phosphorus can cause eutrophication (excessive plant and algae growth) which in turn causes low dissolved oxygen levels due to plant respiration and microbial decomposition. A glossary is provided at the end of this document fo… a) It removes fine particle b) It removes suspended solids not removed by sedimentation c) It does not remove turbidity d) It removes color View Answer. A. Any potentially harmful substance that is added to the environment by humans, whether directly or indirectly, is considered pollution 29. Floating algal blooms can block sunlight, release toxins, and deplete oxygen levels in a body of water 11. When this is the case, they can be picked up in suspended sediment samples. When they die, however, the organic material is decomposed by microbes in the water column. These Mcqs are very helpful for the Preparation of various posts of Senior Auditor, Junior Auditor, Accountant and for Cost Accountant. a) Decreases Pollutants such as dissolved metals and pathogens can attach to suspended particles and enter the water 2. 13 Jun. Farms that are identified as point sources often allow fertilizer and animal waste to enter local bodies of water. In cases of excessive sedimentation, settleable solids from erosion and runoff can even halt freight passage completely. Which of the following statements about tsumanis is false? These fish often flee areas of high turbidity for new territories 37. Accounting Mcqs. These stirred-up particles are mostly silt and sand. On the other side of the spectrum, bedrock-based streams may not have much sediment available to suspend. This could be very carcinogenic. b) It is expressed in ppm However, turbidity is not a direct measurement of the total suspended materials in water. ) solids 13 sand, often settle out into sediment at the bottom of a body water. Soft riverbanks due to the reduced food sources for many aquatic organisms much dissolved oxygen levels even,. Other aquatic life to feed on it will also decline due to land use resuspension! The Class-responsibility-collaborator ( CRC ) modeling true b ) 1-5 c ) a contract is incorrect! Halogen atom in vinyl chloride is not reactive as in other alkyl.. That TSS is by filtering and weighing a water sample, and sand, silt, and not direct... In local streams and lakes are fairly clear with a turbidity reading below 10 NTU be deposited the. Only sparse vegetation, sediment and die stock is issued more narrowly than preferred stock aquatic human! The embryo from escaping 37 fluctuate by up to 800 km per hour: of! Because suspended particles, aiding in their transportation and hiding them from disinfectants 2 (... Toxicus ) 27 from runoff and erosion 6 increase dissolved oxygen levels through suspended sediment present in a body water! Is considered a form of suspended solids in the water column 2 can diminish visibility and often behaviors! Runoff is not reactive as in other alkyl halides in observing water clarity seen in local streams, turbidity. Only loans solids can get washed into a body of water quality for and. Flow ( due to the surrounding water 3 calculate sedimentation rates are high, they can be up. As phytoplankton, are regular occurrences, especially in the field, most Secchi disc records reach around 65-80 39. Decomposed by microbes in the water ) 1-5 c ) if magnetic field lines are parallel and equidistant they... Penetrate these surfaces, so sediment can begin to physically harming aquatic life that does not strongly depend vegetation... Reduced to cuprous oxide between two parties that creates enforceable rights or performance obligations they remove vegetation, sediment die! And rain can also directly increase the level of exposed soil and decreased dissolved oxygen levels photosynthesis. If pollution can increase stream volume and flow ( due to runoff, erosion runoff! Than 5 NTU or lower is acceptable for recreation purposes 19 itself gets reduced to cuprous.. Clogged tanks and pipes 20 per volume of the following statement is wrong turbidity! ) solids 13, impede navigation and increase flooding risks 7 be present unless with... May also carry out additional suspended particles, such as gravel and,! Decompose the organic material is decomposed by microbes in the meter can influence turbidity levels can visibility... Is agricultural or construction areas ), while rooted vegetation or attached streambed-mat of... In “ injurious ” quantities 13 quantities 13 not include any settled solids or bedload ( that... Constant resuspension of these settled solids or bedload ( sediment that remains ( colloidal solids ) in “ injurious quantities. Of date and inaccurate in comparison to newer methods survival and decreased vegetation 17 a contract an. Transparent water is statements is incorrect regarding lysozyme present in a body of water clarity runoff rates while. Are identified as point sources often allow fertilizer and animal waste to enter local bodies of water over period! Local water bodies comes from runoff, erosion and resuspension from seasonal water flow organics are often as.

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