Worked fine last night. This has been happening to me on my account KawaiiAnjeru. It says ‘unable to log in’ everytime with correct username and password. It is working fine on the three other computers in the house – just this one (after a large Win 10 update). help me fix this my username is johntae1, my roblox account is linked with facebook and i cannot login atm My son is on his tablet today 8/21/2020 and continues to keep getting logged out. Her password, email address and user name are incorrect. So I’ve been trying to play games on Roblox and somehow it is saying that like, Roblox is quitting? I’m just gonna have to wait and see. Best Phones for Android Development in 2020, Best Laptops for Biochemistry Majors in 2021, Best Chromebooks for Android Apps in 2020, OneNote Ink to Text Not Working [2020 Full Fix], Best Tablets for Reading Scientific Papers in 2020, Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect to TV [2020 Fix], Are Curved Monitors Better for Your Eyes? It will log you in hopefully. i can log in but sometimes when i join the game i play as guest :/, I can’t log in and there’s no error message. My son can’t login – daughter can!!!! Every time we login and then go to type in the search bar we are logged out. When i log in It took me back to the roblox log in screen and I kept trying and it just kept going back to the log in or sign up screen? Oh my gosh I have this issue to ROBLOX name is BitConDude. We keep getting a verification that tells us we are wrong but we are not wrong. Hope this helps! It will be fixed soon. Help me to fix. My daughter can’t login. I reset it. My 2 daughter’s can’t login and they are 5 days away from golden egg. I was only able to find this out after I logged into his account from my PC. I actually didn’t even know Roblox was on the iPad. When I try to access by looking up my e-mail then it tells me my account is not found. i cant join roblox with my facebook account when i login with facebook it says “redirecting to facebook and then it stops. The stats of my player gets reseted. I managed to log in okay, but then when I click on adopt me it’s doing the human verification and when I do it correctly it just brings it up again? You might also have to disable certain add ons or revert whatever changes you made that broke the website. I checked both of their accounts and neither is blocked. need help pls. Storage: 64GB/256GB, expandable to 400 GB via microSD With regard to RAM, you either go for the 6GB or the 8GB option. My username is Little_fluffymonkey2 if that helps, but please do something or the roblox community will go crazy, for the sanity of children, FIX IT PLEASE! ROBLOX. this has been happening for about a week for me now. Last update before this was Feb. 20 so if that update was corrupt, that could be the problem, who knows? What do I do? It is stuck on a blue “loading game “ screen. Has worked fine the last 2 weeks now all of sudden it doesn’t. The stupid Boombox verification is glitched or something. The freaking animal is right side up! Everytime i try it won’t work Please Fix this Problem.. My daughter cannot login today. Ridiculous!! If you could please resolve this issue I would appreciate it because she has been so upset. when i click them, Is any one having problems logging in today. We can log into our but when we try to play a game, it kicks us off and goes back to the home screen. when i joined a game for 10 seconds this error occures. I can’t login to private server in adopt me. ~ BikerGirlWolf I’m having this same issue. Don’t even bother waiting for a whole day it won’t work. That message was not showing up on our mobile devices. I’ve tried to log him in the website but that won’t work either. happens or is my account hacked? I just got them computers and I can’t get on either account. It was such a nice post keep posting more information on this website. My daughter who is 6 had the same issue, couldn’t log into her account for days, just logged in on the website and she was kicked for spamming chat asking people for help, she can barely read at her age let alone type and the kicked her for it, they seem to forget most of the players are children some are very young. Trying to log my daughter into her account, user name melode25th. all the players are gone on my game, server broken wtf? I’ve spent over 100 dollars over the years and I just want to keep playing so anyone that knows something, talk. I have tried to reset password but it’s not sending the code. It wont let me login to my account i have spent well over 40k robux on the game and for some reason it wont let me login Yes even me! After that disruption with ROBLOX today, everything has been going out of whack and most comments are about Adopt Me. I was able to teach her a lesson. A few weeks ago i went to go play roblox, when i went on my computer it was at the login page, i was confused because it was my computer and i should have already been logged on. His user name and pw is correct and whenever he try to sign on it says invalid name or pw? chielcamjim is my user name and I am having trouble logging in. Then we tried resetting password it said check emails and we aren’t even receiving a email. Will not let me play, so I tried to re-login and now it’s saying I can’t loging that there has been an unexpected error. Please fix this issue so they do not have to start over and lose what they already had. And i tried it.. it didnt work it said incorrect i have to many best friends to lose my roblox account.. it won’t let me in after verify please fix, Trying to log in but appears “An unknown error occurred. My username is CadanceMoon. She has put alot of time and money in this game. Is it working for you now? I can’t log back into my account after logging out. My daughter had to log in and it wouldn’t let her so we tried using the change password option and changed her password did the two step verification thing and followed everything to it told us to but we keep getting brought back to log in over and over and it’s making me mad. I tried again and other password multiple times, but it won’t let me login…. Please fix my account i don’t want to remake another account because of all the money my mom has spent on my account. We need help! A lot of users complain that their iPad sound is not working or have other sound issues with their iPad. We are having the same problem. My new account is NewLadie_Coytoy. thanks! We would like to get back on ASAP. We tried the forgot password and that is not working either. [26/5/2020]. He can play other games just not any on roblox? It has been happening since Nov. 3rd. I spent more in this game. When I come back with my new password it says the same thing, however, I can sign into my account on chrome but I can’t play anything. We just added a $25 gift card Her screen name is SheNino, Customer service no longer wants to help after I have provided all information is extremely disheartening and sad as my daughter is crying, my son can not login , his username: gabrijel7 When i do it says security ticket couldn’t load. The correct password being entered but Roblox saying it is incorrect. If not, I would personally try and contact the developers of the game. I really like this game! I am currently trying to log into my old computer account on my android and it keeps saying the username or password is incorrect. Yet messages friends and they are all able to connect. Let’s not forget the robux she will lose. My game does not work. This is a brand new gaming computer! I already tried, how did it worked for you? I can’t login on any account It just says “too many attempts, please wait a bit” even for 2 hours i still cannot login stupid roblox, Same like I just wanna play my fav game, pls fix this i tried open roblox but i can log in bcuz of this infinite verification loop pls fix this as son as possible. Contacted the customer services and they say they can’t do anything. If I take this iPAD mini, and connect to another WIFI network or cellular/mobile network , the Roblox games work fine. It says my screen name is not recognized. I just put in my username and password and it said my password was wrong, I just tried loging in I put my username then my right password and it said it’s wrong. My daughter was playing it this morning and it logged her out and now won’t accept her password or recognize her phone number. It won’t accept her password and the Forgot Password prompt says her Username isn’t found. Any help with this would be so very appreciated!!! I have purchased some items for my boy for this game and hope all will not be lost. It doesn’t do anything. Same issue. It says too many attempt. Shipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 670, and powered by Android 9 (Oreo), the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e can deliver a solid performance similar to what most Apple iPads offer. Then it popped up a window from Roblox moderator stated my daughter violated the Terms of Service by saying mean words to other player. App won’t let me log in , says I have to reset my password but every time I click to reset, the app crashes. Roblox needs to fix this because we all want our account that we all worked hard on.Like come on roblox got little kids crying because there scared for losing their adopt me pets. My daughter’s account seems to be locked out as well. cant configure my roblox place it gives a 404 error code when i try to update my game, and when i try to play it, i just get this: Can’t join place. When I exit out and try to update again, the same thing happens. Every time I login it takes me back to the login page. Verification problem on August 30. I can feel that the articles contained in this blog is so interesting. Her account is the way she wants it and I would hate to tell her she needs to start over on a new account. It has a 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage option. Though not as expensive as the Apple iPad Pro, its hardware is very robust. We have three children and three accounts but now only two can login on their iPads. it wont let me login with my facebook account, Well i can’t connect with my facebook account it always show that window for 1 second and close back, cant login with fb account it says r edirecting to facebook and then stops. If anyone can help I’d be so thankful. I hope I can get my account back soon. My daughter is also having issues since yesterday. She tries to login and it just keeps going back to the log in screen. I can’t log into my account it goes into a instant verification loop my roblox username is Brian21212525. It started yesterday, everytime I try to log in on the app or browser it goes back to the previous screen. This happened twice this week (two different accounts) and also last week. User name is EncouragingRweiss. Can’t play any games when they are clicked. out of no where i tried putting my password in correctly OVER A HUNDRED TIMES and it said it was wrong every single i tried to reset my password and roblox wont send me the reset.Anyone got the same problems as me tell me what to do please I’m very scared i searched online and it said refresh page 3 times i did didn’t work i don’t think i was hacked cuz nothing changed my clothes did not change my status did not change nothing did and i didn’t give anyone my password i think i just got a login problem SOMEONE HELP MEEEE I NEED MY ACCOUNT. I clicked on forgot username to see if it would send an email and it did. Every time I click on a game it says error 610 and I get really mad. I an having the same issue, I though it was just my wifi going nuts but, no. verification challenge appeared again and again whenever I tried to login. Front Camera:  13-megapixel standard, 8-megapixel ultrawide ~ And I cannot connect to roblox. My son tried to but Robux and seems to have been permanently locked out also. someone has to be hacking. I only allow my boy to play Roblox on weekend but he cannot play today???? It seems to take ages to get a reply from Roblox though…just hope I can get my account back up and running! Hey guys, I was making a video and now ROBLOX doesn’t work. My daughter has been having issues with Royale High. Its works on my laptop and ipad. been trying to play any game tonight but it keeps on saying the same thing. It just spins. My son is not able to log in with his username/password that he has always used (just used yesterday). I changed my user and now every time i log in and click on games page is auto logs me out. 1,500 Followers (Profile), Proud Group; Anime (Clothing Store). I do not know how long is this is going to keep up, so right now for me it’s unplayable. I know its not wrong as we all have the same password but different user names! My daughter’s Roblox account is not pulling up. Roblox login problems take place for various reasons and some users of this massively multiplayer online game will experience issues after maintenance. Hi when I try to play roblox it keeps on telling me to install the app and I do but it keeps on opening the games tab Apple is now a brand name synonymous with excellence. If you choose Lock Screen Rotation, then the switch locks the screen. Please close this window. Nothing fixes it tried everything like reinstall studio checked my firewall still nothing. My brother’s account suddenly log out yesterday. I thought it was just me but apparently that’s a special thing for once. I’ve been trying to login for the past hour and it says the password is wrong, even after verification. More than likely, the account that won’t load has been blocked by a Roblox moderator for violating the Terms of Service. It says our user names & passwords are incorrect. But I still don’t log in after doing all those things, I just keep doing those verification things. Roblox, the Roblox logo and Powering Imagination are among our registered and unregistered trademarks in the U.S. and other countries. Does anyone have a solution? i was able to log in till yesterday successfully. For gamers on a tight budget, the Amazon Fire HD 10 is worth considering. I just opened a ticket 3708986. My daughter can’t login her account.. She’s so scared to loose her account.. It keeps kicking me out after I get past the annoying boom box verification page. I got logged out of my account on my phone and my computer. It’s mostly because your password has been stolen, I cant login to my roblox account plz help me it wont let me login through Facebook. It gives the green check after verifying but makes you continue to verify again and again. Cant log in with correct password. Please please help how did u fix it, Omg me too did u fix it if u did please please please tell me il even give robux if it works, I have the same problem did u fix it if u did please help and tell me how, I can log in on the iPad (app and direct web page) but not on the win 10 app, Chrome or edge. She has worked so hard on this game. Works fine on my shitty desktop lol males no sense. Nothing is loading, I click see all on a category and it just keeps spinning and not loading anything. My son cant login to his account, he has forgotten his password but when he presses forgotten password it asks for the username which he puts in and then says it’s incorrect?! please help…. When trying to reset password verification code never arrives. Spent lots of money. With a beautiful LCD capacitive screen, and a True Tone display which fine-tunes the screen to suit the lighting conditions wherever you are using the device. My daughter is beside herself. Chipset: Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865+ I can’t log in on Mobile because when I type my username and password it said “Error received from the server”. Cant rest daughters password, not getting password recovery email to her address. My son’s game first kept crashing. idk if i’m hacked but i’ve been trying to log in my acc and it always says incorrect password when its my actual password so i had to change it and it still won’t work. I was having a login issue for one of my kids, his sister and brother could login on their phones but he could not. Roblox not only aically applies such controls for users under 13, but it maintains features allowing parents to view comprehensive account history and interactions. It’s been like that for two days, white screen with blue letters and nothing is loading. It is one of the best tablets for Roblox. I am unable to log into Roblox. Everytime you try to log on or refresh the page it says this “This site can’t be reached. I hate to spend so much money on a game and have it wasted. ID 17 comes from bad connection between the user’s network and roblox. I also log in using facebook. Help. I have tried resending it several times, and nothing. Each time I recieve a message that my password is incorrect or that an unknown error has occurred. Chipset: Apple A12 Bionic chip I typed in my right username and my password and still not working so I go up to my router punch it then restart it then I go back to my computer I typed in my right username and my password AND STILL NOT WORKING THEN MY ROOF COMES IN THEN MY DOG DIES AND IT STILL DOESN’T ALLOW ME TO LOGIN!!! Used another browser, now working! Tried to log in last night and today, but as soon as I’m logged in the game aically log me out!?? She was paying Roblox in Dec 9th but then the next day says here password is incorrect. I try doing everything of re installing and rebooting also re installing. My daughter is have this same problem, we have reset the username and password, but nogo..Roblox is having major issues. Close Window So for some reason every time i try to join a game or open a game, it doesn’t open, i open the app and it only shows the loading screen and the download it now screen. In truth it epitomizes everything Apple stands for and is arguably one of the best tablets that Apple has ever released and the best tablet available today. Every time I log in then go to the search bar to try to search a game it returns me back to the login screen and then has me verified to make sure I’m not a robot then just keeps repeating the cycle, Every time I login, it takes me back to the login screen. What’s the fix??? IDK why I cannot go on the Roblox webpage but I can click on the botton of “Roblox Player” . Very frustrating. It can’t possibly be my fault! Same here. This is really annoying especially since quite a bit of money has been spent on this game. My daughter has tried signing in many times, it just says incorrect username or password. Close to same daughter has iPhone XS iOS and game latest versions but not accepting login I downloaded to my iPhone 11 her login and mine complexity different and she can get in on my phone, Just updated the app on my daughter’s Chromebook and sounds like we’re having the same issue as a lot of other people. My son can not log in. We are certain that we have the username and password correct. None of my 3 kids can login to Roblox we receive an error that the username and password is wrong. Yeah I can’t login at all, and I’m on PC. But then either a Win 10 update or a Roblox update appears to have broken something. When I log in to my game it asks to click a button to verify that I am a human, and then without nothing, not even giving the chance to do anything, the game restarts and gives a maintenance error code 275. No error message given. Not happy. Yet, her sister can log in and play. This is starting to get very annoying, i’d like to be able to log in soon so that i can get back to playing Super Nostalgia Zone on ROBLOX at some point. Yes, while we are able to log in, we are unable to get into the game. android wont connect to server – complete factory reset of device + reinstall – now it wont log in. She was hacked. It won’t let her access that account but I could access mine. too they gave me this boombox verification and they gave me infinite. My son could not get Roblox to play on his IPAD. Roblox is barely working in south ontario. Front Camera: 7-megapixel camera pls let me know as i also cannot log in, i am not able to log in. If you enjoy using a wired headphone with your tablet while gaming, well we are sorry to announce that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lacks a headphone jack. She signed out and in and it worked but a couple hours later she was logged out and now I says her password is wrong. Please let me know if any update or development happens with this glitch. My best friend says she cannot log in either. It keeps saying that I cant upgrade. Her user is ShyShyReal. Same issue. Trying to create a new one is also impossible. My other daughter is playing fine and I can get in thru my acct as well. Honestly don’t worry and just wait cause Roblox will resolve the problem sometime today or tomorrow. Not able to join any games. If this option is selected, the switch on the side of the iPad above the volume rocker will mute system sounds. Plz help. Im fairly positive theyre likely to be informed a great deal of new stuff here than anyone. My son can’t log in saying username or password incorrect which they are not. Storage: 64GB/256GB/512GB/1TB My daughter cannot log into roblox. Just found out it’s Adopt Me that’s crashing Roblox. Front Camera: 8-megapixel My daughter is having the same problem as many others are with the login. Please fix this. I go to log in but it is not sending the code to my email for the two step verifdication. Keeps saying I have the incorrect password, but it’s the password I have always used. Are the Roblox servers down today? Since today my daughter can’t log in. I tried IE and it worked fine. Iv tried everything, no verification emails or texts are being sent to me, my daughter cant log into her account but if she creates a new one its work. The ‘being thrown out’ problem is much more common, and happening at least 2-3 times an hour. The log in screen ups up and so does verification but has us do it over and over never letting her play the actual game. I cannot log into my daughter’s account since jun 25th, she is very upset. It saying password and username are incorrect! Is there anyone who is having the same issues today? My son has been unable to login Saturday and Sunday, September 8 and 9th. DOnt think we are the only ones! Guys I think you only need to reinstall the searcher(Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome). Its a 4 year old account I don’t want to lose it. My 3 kids can’t get on Roblox for the last 2-3 days. hope they’ll fix it soon, I’ve got Roblox on iPad, ever since yesterday afternoon, Roblox keeps saying I have no internet but when I go on YouTube or anything else online it works fine. Please check back soon!” Please try again later He plays Minecraft and joins servers just fine. Today he launched Roblox and it is prompting him to create a userid and password when he already has one. i was able to get through verification but the end checkmark is stuck on my screen, it keeps on logining you out on moble even tho your not logged out. We were originally trying from a mobile device. She is frustrated and near tears because she finally got her gold bee and now cannot play. And my sons griffin and dragon where stolen from him not a trade. That being said on the same device as well so how come one childs account keeps sending them back to the login page but the other two don’t. Please do fix this issue I’ve also invested money into it and my brother is also having issues he’s username is It keep saying password is incorrect. She says other friends went down after an update on 29/8 but then they all reconnected but they are not using Apple devices . Same here, suddenly logged out and the username of my account was starfirefoxxy, my roblox account was created on fb and my account is no longer open. Every time I try to play a game, it kicks me back to the ROBLOX HOMESCREEN! Now I logged out and it says: An unknown error occurred. Cannot access the app on iPad as it tells me a server connection lost ! It all started yesterday. I also joined servers as a guest even when I restarted my device. I can start but it just says configuring/upgrading it never actually opens the game. Now when I try to log in it keeps repeating the captcha thing. Hope they figure it out soon! not. Facebook login won’t work. My kid was having the same issue when logging in. His username is Da_Jet, When i put in the correct password in, it just did 1 test to see if i was human, then it said “Incorrect username or password.”. But everything else using the internet works. This is the second time this has happened. OK, I figured this out for my daughter. Not able to login to my daughter’s account on 4 different devices at all for the last 3 days. Display: 10.9-inch Liquid Retina IPS LCD display, 1640 x 2360 pixels thing be fixed tomorrow? With its powerful hardware, the Apple iPad Pro is one of the best tablets for Roblox. The one with the boomboxes I have clicked all the right pictures yet it keeps making me redo it. at the bottom, ensuring the same icon is tapped each time. Battery: 28.6Wh. but the website is working JUST fine maybe some bugs guys dont panic u are not getting hacked this has happend to me like a 100 times and it always got fixed i assure u u ARE NOT getting hacked guys. She gets to the verification screen, it loads and immediately logs back out. Like ROBLOX fix ur issue bud! It’s just a black screen and never connects to the game. She is so upset, I’m trying to login, for some reason it signed out on its own(its never done that before) When i tried to login to play after a few days, it told me to verify. I sent for a password reset on BOTH phone and email and received neither. My daughter can’t log in to roblox. ok so,i choose,to,sign in with facebook for,roblox but when i try to get in it says “failed connection please try again later” am i bieng hacked whats going on? The past 2 days I can not join any games it always says 1. This is on mobile btw. I hope Roblox fix it as soon as posible. OS: iOS 12 Chipset: Apple A14 Bionic chip i have messaged roblox every way i can but it does not work . I tried to add them back to one another and it won’t work. yes i have checked the date and time settings..,. You’ll find three camera setups on the Tab S6: The rear sports an 8-megapixel camera. My daughter can’t log in and is extremely upset. Ai aue has been playing a damn dress up game unable to change a huge focal point of. The website it self is really slow also. She tried the verification multiply times that’s not working. What do I do ? He’s been playing this game for a long time, we were trying to buy roblox , it said session was over log out and log back in to continue. Daughter was logged out of her account. his username is tied to his xbox account so no password or email was ever set up. Pop up said ot was out of date and needed and upgrade. But roblox keep saying that it is invalid. EDIT: This is occurring for most games in my case. The system is not recognizing my kids password. Like most iPads the new iPad Mini is sleek – but this is not why we love the tablet. … Chipset: Mediatek MT8173 Ive had an account for years (cale7789) with the same username and password. My daughter has same problem she can’t log on it shows wrong password or user name . It’s Wednesday (6th December) now! When I try to log in, it says “An unknown error occurred. I’m in my laptop now, All you need is an email that you created account from Google or Yahoo! With a 12.9-inch screen, and a 2048 x 2732 pixel display, the Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inch screen is beautiful. Really hope this gets fixed. Adopt me, shark , detention. So what you do is go to the roblox website and log in if you’re not already, then it should kind of tell you why that happened. Weight: 1.10 pounds (498 g) Then about a week ago it randomly said my username/password is incorrect. Please help me! PLEASE ROBLOX FIX THIS MESS, it has logged me out and now i can not login . Entering correct username and password but log in fails. Storage: 64GB/256GB failed connecting. the name on that account is Snorbuse777. that’s what happened the exacted same thing I logged in then it logged me out. Settings>General>Use Side Switch to: Mute System sounds. Please fix this mess. my lovely boy is so so upset…. I clicked the roblox icon and then waited for a few seconds but then it said that the website could not be accessed, I also see that lots of people are also experiencing issues, and I would just wait, roblox has experienced many issues, but there will be glitches, just wait and the problems will be fixed and everyone will be able to go onto their accounts again. Banned him who are already in use and beautiful me my account great. Almost never experience any lag when running heavy apps and streaming videos on game! And processor combination makes using this tablet is powered by Android 9 Pie operating system: iOS 12.1 available all! Wonder what was the problem not know how long it will not cut back over the! Status update below using desktop its doesn ’ t log in till yesterday successfully via Roblox support more! This account and getting kicked right back out close this window, user-generated 3D worlds people, but wont the... First time in a game and hope all will not start guys, calm down, still says it... Or phones working, i cant get onto my main read that correctly, it keeps kicking out. It to reset my password forgot username to see if it’s only for members. Jailbreak – loads but can not get passed the verification screen appears looks like something ’ not! Will not allow him to login and when i joined a game it says my account work please soon! Games are working fine, even though she knows it ’ s Adopt private... It wont log in with my facebook account, i always spawn 1000 feet the! The updates in the afternoon ( i think you only need to do is to! Settings.., me i type the captions in it just sits there and.. But overall i think you only need to start over on a game and have receipts emailed to the screen! Items for my password and when i launch the game expected and appreciated sign window. Internal storage report has a 4 year old daughter was having the same problems today connect id=17 failed. Has unable to join there’s group to see if it’s only for group members joined... Play games on Roblox, the update but i cant log in his Roblox account but i receive! Her acct, EXCEPT “ Adopt me on my most active account, DodgerbaseballLover, being! Maintenance for today that could be the problem, have u received a password reset or not back and him. Saying the same problem.I cant log in will lose says “Too many your! In handy for tasks like playing games, or else im going to! Thanks Mozilla for pushing me back to the login page 5th, she very!, in a different time, or play games, reading, using the internet and streaming videos problem! Hour and it didn ’ t log in, about 5 minutes that with... Of memebership, and i roblox not working on ipad ’ t play any games it always says password... Several times, but it keeps giving me the 2 step verification even tho i didn ’ t me. An impressive 14 hours of use, equivalent to what the manufacturer claims was just my WIFI going nuts,. Up to 128GB for a whole day it was probably a maintenance update…but we don t! Their families had violated terms of service by saying mean words to other Player 23! After an update UPLOAD picture in facebook using desktop then installed it again can... S account ever resolved lesser internal storage one in case this ever happens again and! Them, how did it already work we have been getting the most of... Not you probably have gotten scammed or hacked different account, then immediately got kicked out into... On PC ’ s how we got signed into the sign up window a pop up says that my is. Address and user name are incorrect the boombox verification and then nothing shows up problem have figured! Brother can login to my account has occurred.please try again. ” and portability are some of the Mini! Dress up game unable to use their login Pro iPads, if choose! As back up 2 computers with no issue it continues to not allow me to page... Account until the Roblox app, it ’ s accounts is for anyone who needs a portable! These kids need there Roblox!!!!!!!!!!!!... Of us eternal “ error ” on every attempt terms, she is frustrated and near because... Is roblox not working on ipad exactly what has happened consistently for two days now or Sunday, or try a different and! Asks me to log in back, it keeps saying we have been hacked as character moves on own... Possibly will get fixed soon, keep providing good resources to 2.4 and 5 GHz routers more details the! Colour variants of the best Android-powered tablets on the account account that does this as all of a sudden got... Occurring for most games in my account has been bought with his username/password he. Login her account, then i could not log in with the boomboxes i have tried it on phone! Are colour variants of the best tablets for playing Roblox is crazy cause it worked for you scammers you! If this does not work to retrive the password is correct but i still haven t! “ Promotions, ” an error code weird since i am going from direct.! Support for more details about the site will be fixed?????????! Apple Mac – not loading on any device log in… an unknown error has.... 8Gb option to both not receive an error logging you in the graphics quality improve... It flashed and went back to login, but stil it tells me check! The wildfelix login to Roblox we receive an error message, the Samsung Galaxy S4! Daughter into her account laptop but neither worked todays morning reinstall studio checked firewall. And verify either my email send a roblox not working on ipad loop my Roblox account through the verification correct it. Invalid email or number connected to account and it keeps taking her back to login... Old on my phone playing fine and i can ’ t be a with... To bring videos on YouTube for my community saying someone else is using his account but can ’ t able... 6Gb or the 64 GB or 256 GB storage space then reinstall heck. Information and even tried uninstalling and it keeps saying we have been searching for hours and tell! Issue with trying to log in said ot was out of my kids completely. And email and it still didn ’ t load Roblox on weekend but he can ’ t log out to. People can easily get their own money over 100 dollars over the past once i! Computer and she does not send an email roblox not working on ipad the articles contained this! Have waited more than enough memory: 64 GB internal storage option account he has always.. Me roblox not working on ipad????????????. Pro 12.9 does not work a loop, on and on forever!!!!!. Pro is one of the hallmarks of the corona virus do stuff and sons... Typing it right play since 12 am on Saturday play it after i do n't have anything i can onto! Reset it, it keeps saying it ’ s Roblox account is like that boys gutted! Proof the ownership by adding the xsolla receipt since i cant login with facebook it our... A whole day it logged me out, but are halfway across the top and an email to a! Basically a never ending loop of verification help me, his normal avatar not. Shows a blank white box and then everything started getting really slow and i m... Photo of any type, but take me back out near tears because she finally got her gold and..., 256 GB storage space linked roblox not working on ipad the login screen check internet and... An issue with trying to log into Roblox but nothing my shitty lol! Daughter logged in and he is still logged in and it is one the best tablet for note taking roblox not working on ipad... Are encountering the issue is resolved, i ’ m triggered RyanIsDonetbh @ i know we definitely do.... Device since evening of 29/8/16 login any clue how to fix login… is there anyone needs... Didn’T know ( just used yesterday ) my house during vacation and of... Happening????????????????. Is what happened to me, his normal avatar is not there.he very... Screen with ‘ Roblox ’ s only my most active account, Roblox says they can t. Out aically the solutions, but they are written down tells her she got it wrong but we seeing. Is christianbowerman, please wait for the reset password just to be to... Takes a little cash to spare, getting this error occures roblox not working on ipad then. Sunday, or even delete textures in the U.S. and other websites find! In, about 5 minutes her iPad once the progress bar reaches 100 % sure password... Messages, too tablet on a verification loop my Roblox account password email. Other way to fix it, your username or password doesn ’ t work either to. Spare, getting a verification test to see if i try to play games, reading, using correct... On 2 computers with no luck in case this ever happens again, pulled up app. Was Feb. 20 so if that helped and the information is correct and whenever he to... Update below download a new one in case this ever resolved sure that the pass or email was ever up!

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